Saturday, April 30, 2011

OMG!!! Tony Moly has hit Philippine Shores!!!

Yes!!! As I've said in my last post, Tony Moly has hit the Philippine shores!

They've just opened a stall in SM North Edsa Department store TODAY!!!!

I am so lucky because the saleslady told me that they just opened their stall TODAY!! I said, "SERIOSO?!?!" ("SERIOUSLY?!?!").

I think the saleslady was telling the truth because they were still putting up stocks and making inventories and all of the testers are new and never been touched!!!! I was looking at the merchandise with a big smile on my face. Talk about looking like an idiot, but I don't care!

What made me smile all the more was that the prices of the Tony Moly products here in the Philippines is the same price, IF NOT, CHEAPER than Etude House products, but of better (I think) quality! AWESOME!!!

I prefer the simple, "utilitarian" with a bit of edgy kawaii style of packaging than a princess-y one. You could tell that I prefer Tony Moly products...hahahaha!

I checked their products and all of them are really affordable, I mean, where can you find a bb cream that has a price tag of P300+ full size?!? They are not even on SALE yet, what more if there is a SALE?!?! I forgot to look at the price of other bb creams they have, but P300+ is their cheapest!!

Their single eyeshadows that are really good quality are only less than P200.00!!!!

eyeliner, less than P150!!! crystal blusher, less than P300! Crystal Glam Color Gloss (comparable to The Face Shop's Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss), less than P400!!! more affordable than The Face Shop's one!!!  INSANE RIGHT?!?!?!

 I was too shy to take a picture of the stall and the products so I'm sorry if I can't remember every single price tag there, but trust me, the prices are so affordable!!!!

I am so ecstatic right now that I want to write in complete capital letters just to shout out my happiness!!! hahahahahaha!

I only bought a few stuff because I was in a hurry to go my birthday dinner, but I promise that I shall return to hoard buy more!!! Majolica Majorca will be my next target...hahahahaha!

I also bought a Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow on the side. I got the featured box mascot when my son entered the Cartoon Network Fun Fair that they were having in SM The Block awhile ago....hihihi!

Anyway, the saleslady told me that they will open a Tony Moly Store first in SM Fairview then, they will open a bigger Tony Moly store in SM North Edsa in JUNE!!! So, mark your calendar sistas!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long Review: Etude House Mini Size U Pore Smoothing Serum (Set)

Even before my skin recovered from the massive breakouts I had for almost 6 months, I've already been eyeing the Etude House Mini Size U products. Now, that I can use other skincare products besides that medications that I still use from the derma from time to time, I grabbed the opportunity to try this.

Etude House Mini Size U Pore Smoothing Serum
(comes with a sample size of the emulsion and toner)

Current Price:

SM North Edsa The Block

It's not the best skincare out there like what I've read on other reviews, but I'm not looking for a miracle product. I'm just looking for a simple moisturizer or serum that would suffice on moisturizing/hydrating the dry areas of my face. I don't even need skin lightening or anti-aging properties that always disappoint. I just want something that won't worsen my skin.

Active Ingredients:

(I was happy to see the "rice" ingredient because I've tried products with rice extracts in it (even brown rice tea) and it has always worked for my body.)

Other Ingredients:

I know that the main purpose of this product is minimizing pores and smoothing the skin, but I'm not really using this for that purpose, I'm using this because, in my experience, this is perfect for people with oily-combination, sensitive skin.

Mini Size U Serum
I use this sometimes in the morning, but this is better used at night in my opinion. I only apply this in the morning if I will apply makeup because this is a great face primer.

- milky white.

- reminds me very much of Johnson's Baby Lotion.

Consistency & Texture:
- almost like a gel cream and the texture is very light.
blends into a matte finish.


- did not cause breakouts or any kind of bad reaction.
- has a subtle scent that I like.
- nice packaging.
- absorbs quickly in the skin.
- not oily and blends in the skin matte.
- moisturize the dry areas of my skin quite well.
- it can also act as a primer because your skin feels soft, so smooth after applying this.
- did not made my my skin oily for the whole day which surprises me because by midday especially every summer, my face is like an oil mine.
- a little goes a long, long way. I've been using this for almost 2 months now and it's still almost full.

- not enough for super dry skin.
- for those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

Mini Size U Emulsion (sample size)
I'm almost finished with this product. This is what I use often in the morning than the serum. I think this is great as a morning moisturizer than a night moisturizer.

- like a faded milky white.

- like Johnson's Baby Lotion, but this has a more subtle smell than the Mini Size U serum.

- like a light gel and has a watery texture.
I like this because it's like I'm blending "water" on my face.


- did not cause breakouts or any bad reaction.
- I love this because it feels like you're applying water on the face.
- absorbs quickly in the skin and also blends in matte.
- subtle smell.
- great emulsion for hot days like summer.
- not oily and it did not made my face oily for the whole day.
- the full size bottle of this looks simple, but elegant looking.

- I have to apply more in moisturizing super dry areas of my face. (not really a con, just a heads up.)
- those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

Mini Size U Toner
it's a 2-part solution as you can see in the picture (liquid on top and the "powder" at the bottom). You have to shake it before using. Until now, I'm wondering what that powder is...

I'm not really a fan of toners because I don't think that I need a toner and my dermatologist said that there's no point in using a toner if your facial cleanser is already doing a great job, but I still like using this especially since the Etude House Milktea Cleansing Cream isn't that good at removing all the makeup on my face.

- looks like rice water.

- smells like a subtle version of Johnson's baby cologne (original one)


- did not cause breakouts.
- good at removing dirt and makeup residue on your face.
- doesn't make my skin oily after a few mins. like other toners I've tried.
- doesn't feel sticky and it doesn't make your skin feel tight after applying this.
- feels like water.
- smells good.
- full size packaging of this looks simple, but elegant.

-those who don't like a glass bottle packaging, this is not for you.

It's your preference if you want to use a toner or not. All I can say is that a toner (especially if the packaging is cute, smells great and feel good) is nice to have, but it's not a necessity to have.

***I'm not sure about the "pore tightening" ability of the Mini Size U line because I don't have large pores ever since I had a few sessions of facial diamond peel.

Would I be purchasing again?
- Probably, but I already purchased the Missha Rose Water skincare line. They have a BUY1TAKE1 sale until last day of April 2011 (I think). I will be using those next after I'm finished with the Mini Size U...then I want to try the Etude House Pure Joy skincare line for sensitive skin.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Review: BRTC Aqua Clean Massage Cleansing Cream

This is my very first cleansing cream I bought online when I started entering the world of makeup. This was also the time when Korean beauty products wasn't even popular here in the Philippines.

I guess I'm one of the early "enthusiasts" who uses asian beauty products not yet, popular here. I don't even have a blog at that time, but luckily, I took a picture of my early purchases. I guess, I unconsciously plan in creating a blog then?

I only have one blurry picture of this...sorry.

I forgot, sorry...I bought it online, by the way.

I remember it has a fresh, light scent that I really like. 

quite runny consistency, like a really light lotion.

very light blue


- did not cause any breakouts
- doesn't sting
- nice smell
- doesn't feel very oily

- not locally available.
- I remember it stings my eyes a bit and it gives me a clouded vision.
- doesn't really melt makeup (especially waterproof) that well.

- this product is so-so...honestly, it's quite forgettable.

Review: Skinfood Avocado Rich Eye Balm

I bought this a few months back when Skinfood was having their 50% off sale on selected items...As the Phil. beauty consumers know that the prices of skinfood here are jacked up, I took the opportunity of their sale, but the problem is, after looking at my receipt again to check on the price, I assume they "forgot" to give me the discounted price of my purchases...oh well, I can't go back there and ask them about "my situation" anymore. Well, I've learned my lesson.

Skinfood Avocado Rich Eye Balm
As always cute packaging

"Discounted" Price when I bought it: 
P675.00 (from the price alone, I regret buying this product. This is not a high end product, but the price is still quite steep.)

I don't know the exact amount of product that is in this tub, but it looks bigger than the average eye creams in the market.

has a citrusy/herby scent to it. It doesn't smell like an avocado...not even close.

Consistency and Texture:
thick consistency (feels like a balm as stated on the product name) and rich texture.

- really does moisturize the under eye area leaving the skin soft.
- has a lot of product in one tub.
- a little goes a long way.
- did not cause any kind of bad reaction.
- great for people that has a really dry under eye area.

- don't really like the smell especially when it is already smells kinda funky afterwards. it's weird.
- if you put on too much, it will feel sticky and oily.
- if you expect it to lessen wrinkles and fine lines, this is not for you.
- doesn't absorb well into the skin. You can still feel there is still something :"left" on top of the skin.
- expensive for a so-so product.


partially blended


***I already gave this to my mom after using this for a few months (there's still a lot of product left in the tub) because I don't really like the smell of this everytime I use it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Swatch: The Face Shop Nailpolish in GR503

Just want to show you a swatch for reference. I've already reviewed quite a few The Face Shop nailpolish of the same line already, so no need to make a review about this again.

The Face Shop Nailpolish in GR503
milky, light green (like sea-foam green)


Natural light:
the edges of my nails near my nailbed is already growing. You can tell, that this nailpolish still holds up for quite a long time.

Quick Swatch: OPI: Dating A Royal

I know this nail polish has been out in the market for quite a while now, but I would still like to do a swatch on it anyway.

OPI: Dating a Royal
as always, I love blue in all shades.


- last me the whole week without chipping which is great.
- doesn't have that strong nail polish smell. It did not trigger my asthma.
- I like the flat applicator...sorry if I don't have a picture of that.
-looks gorgeous topped with a matte-finish topcoat.

- expensive. I remember paying this for P380, but now, I think it's already P400 online.
- not readily available.
- it has a jelly-like finish to it. This means that I have to apply 3 coats of this to make it really opaque.

This is what it looks like when I applied a matte-finish topcoat. For me, it's gorgeous!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Battle of the Cleansing Creams: Skinfood vs. Etude House

Since I'm a bit of an old school when it comes to removing my makeup, I'd prefer using cleansing creams a.k.a cold creams or Olive oil (yep, olive oil and it works like a dream!).

It's not that I don't want to try cleansing oils...I do, but it's more expensive than cleansing creams and for the price and the amount of cleansing oil in one bottle...honestly, it's not practical for me...for something just to remove makeup on your face.

Here's my review on cleansing creams that I've tried, so far.

Skinfood Seaweed Cleansing Cream

Where I bought it: SM North Edsa (when they had a secret sale)
When: Dec. 2010
Sale Price: P347.50 (not bad!)

here's the description of the product and direction on how to use this
(click on photos to enlarge)

I actually finished this product early March this year. As you can see, the cream has a subtle green "seaweed" color to it.


simple...quite boring compared to the usual skinfood packaging.
smells like the old school Pond's cold cream. It's not overpowering and it really doesn't bother me.
 it has a thick consistency and rich texture which I prefer.

- did not cause breakouts which is great!
- doesn't sting my eyes and skin. Actually, the SA told me that this cleansing cream is good for acne prone, sensitive skin...I guess she's right!
- after you massage the thick cream for a few mins. the cream will turn a bit slippery, you can feel that it really melts your makeup off your face. I use a muslin cloth ("lampin" in Filipino) to wipe my face and I can really see all the gunk that the cleansing cream has "melted" off my face.
- the price is reasonable for the amount of product. The packaging itself is huge and when I opened it for the first time, the amount of product inside was full to the brim!

-This product is not for lazy people. If you worry about sanitary things like digging the product out with your finger, you can use a plastic spoon to get a small amount of product then just wash the spoon afterwards. This is not a con for me.

After I've finished the Skinfood Seaweed Cleansing Cream, I decided to try the...

Etude House Happy Teatime Milktea Cleansing Cream

Where: SM North Edsa The Block
When: March 2011
Current Price: P198.00

description of the product and directions on how to use this.
(click on photos to enlarge...all of my photos are "clickable" to enlarge, anyway)


top view of the plastic casing...even from the plastic covering, Asian cosmetic companies really know how to make cute packaging.

design of the lid

honestly, I only bought this because it says "MILKTEA" on the packaging. I'm a milktea monster...I LOVE milktea!!!!! not the ones in sachets...for me, that's a fake milktea taste, it doesn't even comes close to the milktea family!!! I go to Binondo for that genuine milktea experience!! (here in the Philippines, at least) like what I used to drink when I was little...I miss the Taiwanese who makes and sells milktea in the afternoon...ok, I'm way off topic, but...I can't wait to try the milkteas in Singapore, Japan and Hongkong!!! I know it's gonna be goooood!!!

when you open it, you see a plastic covering on top of the tub

just a plain white cream


- cute packaging!

- smells like milky, baby powder acc. to Mr. Panda Eyes (hubby) and Mrs. Panda Eyes (I) agree.

- it looks like a fluffy white cream in the tub and it feels like a light lotion than a heavy cream like the skinfood's.


- nice, subtle smell
- more affordable than the skinfood one.
- did not cause breakouts. 

- stings my eyes and my skin. I can't wait to be done with this product.
- in my current experience with this product, I feel that it doesn't really take off all the makeup on my face. I only do light makeup especially this summer and I always double cleanse, but every time I use a toner (just to make sure) I always see makeup residue on my face. I'm very disappointed with this product.

The packaging might be cute, but I need a product that works.

Who won? it's obvious!

Skinfood Seaweed Cleansing Cream WINS!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: EOS Lipbalm (Holiday Collection)

These EOS lipbalms was part of their 2010 holiday collection with Pomegranate Raspberry as their limited edition flavor which I'm currently using.

Where: online (Getsophisticated onlineshop facebook page)
Current Price: P700 with shipping

The holiday collection comes in a pack of 3's that fits inside this mini pouch. this mini pouch is reusable, by the way. 

Ingredients: (Click picture to enlarge)
As you can see, the company used "all natural" ingredients to make this lipbalm.

- cute packaging.
- smells nice and tastes sweet.
-made from "all-natural" ingredients...I'm not really particular with this, but it still good to know.

- a bit expensive for a drugstore brand.
- not available locally.
- performance is SO-SO for the price. I currently have dry lips that the sides of my mouth has a crack in it and it stings! This lipbalm only moisturize my lips for about 4 hours or so before I have to apply again, but it soothes my crack lips quite well.

 I did not swatch these anymore because it goes on tintless anyway. (^_^)v 

Other observations: 
The "Sweet Mint" smells like Burt's Bees Lipbalm, but I haven't tried it out yet to know what it tastes like.

Personal Update: Pls. Read If you Have Time...Changes In My Blog Posting Will Be Made

I've realized that since I've graduated and found a job, my blog posting has been more about hauling stuff rather than reviewing stuff. I've also noticed that blogging already has become quite a chore for me instead of it being a fun, random thing to do once in a while.

Juggling my time with my family, work, and other personal stuff is already quite "hard" to do and I want my blog to become an escape from everything chaotic and a haven for my hobbies and interests.

With all that said (I have more to say actually, but it would be already too boring), I would like to make changes in my blog posting.

1.] I won't be posting "HAULS" anymore, so that it won't be time consuming for me to make a blog about it.

Actually, I've already said in one of my old blog entries that I do this "to keep track of where I've been burning my money" on and it is true, unfortunately, it also has become an excuse for me to haul more things because I'm excited to TRY or EXPERIMENT more products (well, mainly lip products), but do I finish them before it expires? no...because I already have too much than I could handle or use up.

Another reason is that, other readers may find "HAUL" posts as a form of bragging which is definitely FALSE. What can I say? There's no cure for an insecure bitch and do I buy expensive high end stuff? No. Not yet...hahaha! Anyway, I don't care about those kinds of people. I'm just saying what's really happening in the beauty community nowadays.

2.] My reviews won't consist of personal blabber anymore. (Readers may cheer on this one)

I'll try my best to make my reviews in an OUTLINE form, so that, it won't be boring. I know that sometimes, other readers don't really care with the introduction of the review and only read the juicy parts like the "pros and cons", how much, if the product sucks or not and the swatches. Are you guilty of that too? Honestly, I'm guilty of that because I also read reviews...hehehehe! Sorry, I'm brutally honest!

I'm kinda sad because I can't express my sarcastic sense of humor anymore...boohoo for me...hahaha! I guess you can expect that my reviews would be a bit more formal...Maybe I could still pitch in a bit of sarcasm here and there if I'm in the mood...whatcha think?

So are you ok with my new blogging format?
Should I delete my past HAUL posts?

Comments and suggestions are appreciated! (^_^)v

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review/Swatch: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Lava Love M05

I haven't purchased any lipsticks from Avon for quite a long time now and honestly, I miss their lipsticks because of its affordability and its great quality. I've already compared this new lipstick that I've bought from the past Avon lipstick of the same line that I already seems like they've improved the formula of their lipstick even more. I'm impressed! Unfortunately, I don't know any direct seller of Avon besides my sister who already stopped selling for the time being so, I have no access from buying Avon lipsticks...

...until one night, I passed by the LRT station on my way home from work and saw a stall of Avon products on the corner of the station...I was pleasantly surprised that I get to try their lipsticks again...well, at least try their new formula because I really, really need to finished up at least half my lipstick collection before it go to waste. Even my husband is overwhelmed with my lipstick collection that he doubts I'm going to finish up some of it. He feels like I have almost a lifetime supply of lipsticks...yep, it's kinda embarrassing...

but I still bought one...hihihihi!

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Lava Love

I also like their somewhat new packaging of their lipstick. it has some good weight to it and it looks classy. They've only change the color of the metallic thing in the middle from light to medium grey. Well, I'm not good at describing things so, here is the sample of the packaging in the past.

I picked a red color with an orange tinge to it...why another red lipstick? I don't know...hahahaha!
Just by looking at the tube, I've realized that this can be a dupe for the NYX round lipstick in Eros minus the teeny weeny shimmer/metallic finish we see in NYX RL in Eros. Wanna see the comparison? here is my old post of my NYX reds.


Natural light:
yep, I forgot to take a picture of it with the flash mode, but c'mon! looking at a swatch in natural light is a better way to go. This kind of red really suits morenas and fair people with warm or neutral skintones.

- affordable. I bought it for only P199!!!
- available locally
- improved formula and packaging
- the smell reminds me of Nerds candy...I love Nerds!!
- great pigmentation. one swipe and it's already opaque.
- quite moisturizing, but I still suggest putting on lip balm before any kind of lipstick.

- it's hard to find (for me) a direct seller.
- none so far.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini Haul: Etude House and The Face Shop

I kinda want to temporarily stop my hauling every weekend because I already have too much hauls than reviews, but I can't help it! I'm a lipstick addict and nail polish addict...and since my birthday is just around the corner, this is another "excuse" for me to spoil myself on my birth"month"...hihihi! (^_^)v

So I hauled again and I've chanced upon the new line of cosmetics from Etude House featuring 2ne1 as their models...I've observed that many people don't like the "in" color of this season which is Orange because it makes their teeth look more yellow, etc...I've seen orange lipstick or at least one celebrity or model that wears orange-themed makeup from different magazines, tv shows, commercials, etc. but I haven't seen a normal, average individual wearing this on a beautiful sunny day...good thing, I'm an abnormal, average individual...hahahaha!

I originally planned to buy the light orange one, but the SA who recognized me (I visit Etude House SM north edsa branch almost every weekend) said that I could rock the very bright orange one, so I gave in and I'm quite happy (swatches will be featured soon). I still plan to buy the light orange one though...

I'm thankful because even though I have a light medium to medium skintone, I have a neutral undertone (is this right?) which means that I could wear any color I want...hehehe! 

Anyway, again I was bored and visited the face shop and bought another nailpolish (swatches will be featured soon). I was planning to buy their migamisu skincare line, but I guess they have hiked up the prices bit, so I'm still thinking if I will still buy their skincare or not...

I'm already almost finish with my Etude House Mini Size U skincare set...yep! I'm so late!!! I've already finished up other things before I remember to make a review about it. I really have no time at the moment, so I'm very sorry.

Review/Swatch: NU/Nail Up Laser Glitter Color

Just want to share one of my favorite nail polish color, unfortunately, I don't like the scent of this particular nailpolish brand because it triggers my asthma as featured in my past rant here.

NU/Nail Up Laser Glitter Color

Weird description, but seriously, I love this color...I wish I could find a dupe of this.
the bottle looks a bit blotchy because I haven't used this for quite a while now...

If you see that shimmery thing over there...yep, my ring finger...I've layered my ring finger with the Elianto nailpolish 09 Lilac which I haven't reviewed yet..hihihi!
I always get compliments when I wear this nail polish, I just wish I could find a dupe for this.
The color is like a royal violet (is there such thing as a royal violet?!?!) or a deep violet with a hint of blue in it.

- locally available (bought it in Trinoma..I forgot the exact location of the stall sorry, but I've also seen this in Divisoria)
- cheap only P80
- true to color in the bottle.
- one coat is already opaque.
- dries quite easily.
- sometimes I don't need a top coat because it dries shiny.
-longlasting (last me a week and a half without chipping)

- triggers me asthma attack...I'm quite sad because this polish almost had what I want in a nailpolish..
- is one of the brand that was banned in other countries in Asia because it causes other health risk besides what I've experienced when using this.

this is me, wearing the nail polish. Sorry, I'm camera shy...hihihihihihihi!

I'm going to miss this nail polish...if you know a dupe for this, let me know!

Quick Review: Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (My HG top coat)

So far, this is my HG top coat of all time. I have tried a few other brand top coats before and I always end up with a messed up newly painted nails or have line marks on my painted nails when I wake up after I've painted my nails the night before. It's frustrating that I was tempted to try this...

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
This is totally out of my budget price range, but I gave in out of curiosity to test if the reviews about this very quick dry top coat is true..and after almost a year, I am so hooked on this badboy that I'm planning on repurchasing it since I haven't found any top coat that matches my HG.

- dries very quickly, about less than a min.
- gives a very shiny finish.
- I like that it applies quite thick compared to other top coats I've tried.
- long lasting
- it quite chip proof
- removes easily, I just peel the nail polish off if I grew tried of my nailpolish...saves me some nail polish remover.

- expensive P400 a bottle (I bought it from
- not locally available as far as I know...
- has a quite strong chemical smell.
- other people do not prefer a quite thick top coat.

I am tempted to repurchase again, but if any of ya know if there is a cheaper alternative for this top coat, let me know asap!!!