Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Skinfood Fresh Juice C Line (except the Fresh Juice C Emulsion)

Lucky, I have time to blog again before I continue to review my subjects for the board exams...(^_^)

I'm going to review the products I've already finished using like The Skinfood Fresh Juice C line....I've already finished these up late last year (as you can in the picture, I've already finished everything up)...I was just...too lazy to make a review about it...hahahha!

As I remember, the SA said that the Fresh Juice line has brightening effects on the skin at the same time, it hydrates and moisturizes. It also suits Combination type of skin which I have...

Even if I don't believe what the SA said because there will NEVER be a MIRACLE PRODUCT (I always do not believe what all the SA says..I always do my own research and experiments..LOL), I bought it w/ the serum because I was in a good mood...hahahaha!

Fresh Juice Toner
Where I bought: Skinfood store in SM Northedsa
Price: P1500+ (forgot the price...bought it early last year)
How to use: I use this after I wash my face. I use a cotton ball to apply the product.
What does it look like: no color, semi-watery consistency
- it took away the dirt from my face at the same time moisturizes my skin.
- has a citrus smell (like orange) which is not over powering.
- it DID help brighten my complexion (not WHITEN)...It made me look like I had a good night's sleep.
- it's expensive for a toner
- it felt a bit sticky on the skin especially when the weather is warm, but I use this in an air-conditioned room.
- it absorbs quite slowly in the skin.
- it broke me out on my first few uses because it took time to adjust with my skin, BUT after the first few uses, my skin was A OK!!!
- it can't remove leftover makeup that well. (to think I don't like heavy makeup on myself)

Will I buy it again? I don't think so..

Fresh Juice C Serum (whitening care)
Where I bought: SM Northedsa
Price: P1500+ (forgot the price..sorry)
How to use: Apply this after using toner. I only use this every morning because it is not sticky.
What does it look like: whitish gel-like color, semi-watery consistency
- it DID help brighten my complexion
- it absorbs quickly in the skin.
- has a citrus smell that is not overpowering.
- it is not sticky.
- it hydrates my skin quite well.
- a little goes a long way.
- expensive
- it also took time before my skin could adjust to the product.

Will I buy this again? maybe

Fresh Juice C Cream

Where I bought: from an online seller (thelittlecoolshop)
Price: it is currently P800 (wow, it's getting expensive every year...)
How to use: Apply this after using an emulsion. I personally did not buy the emulsion because it may be too oily or sticky on my face (tried it when I visited the skinfood store) if I use so many products at one time...(it's bad to use too many products at one time ya know....). I only use the cream at night.
What does it look like: white in color, gel-like consistency
- smells citrus-y, but not overpowering.
- great at hydrating and moisturizing.
- feels light on the skin.
- helped brighten my complexion.
- a little goes a long way.
- expensive
- took time to adjust to my skin
- I can't use it in the morning because it feels sticky because of the warm's always warm here in the Philippines.

Will I but this again? maybe. I want to try the other skincare lines next time..when I can afford it again...