Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Dermatologist Gave Me Some Reality Check Awhile Ago...

Went to the dermatologist awhile ago to end this crazy breakout I've been having because it's really breaking my self-esteem and self-confidence that I've worked so hard to build up by myself throughout the years...and I'm not gonna let just a simple acne-polluted face ruin all my hard work.

My derma (dermatologist) just gave me a reality check...and I'm quite sad and disappointed at the same time.

After her very long explanation about what's really happening about my skin condition, I've realized many things:

1.] I have an oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin (and I'm also prone to warts! F!)...and when I say acne-prone, the derma told me that I have a chronic, RECURRING case of acne which can be caused by hormones (I'm already on the pill) and hypersensitivity to wrong skin care products. This means that I'm have to deal with this crap for the rest of my miserable life.

2.] Treating my CURRENT skin condition is the easy part, MAINTAINING to have a clear face is the hard part. I asked my derma about her suggestion on skincare brands that I could use for my skin type and she suggested Clinique (freaking expensive to use for the rest of my life!!!) or Cetaphil (which I don't really like because I don't think it even worked on my skin)...

OR...she told me that the general rule in finding a moisturizer is that it should not be scented, oil-free, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and not does this mean that I have to make a trial and error test on products that would suit my skin??? = This will surely make me a very poor, scar and zit-polluted faced old hag in the end.

3.] I've realized that I cannot just try and experiment with some random cosmetics (high-end or drugstore) out of curiosity, even if the packaging is great (I'm a sucker for cute and elegant packaging) or even if they say the product is high quality (e.g Chanel, YSL, Dior, Guerlain, etc.), hence reviews about cosmetics will be even more limited than it already is.

4.] I cannot test out skincare products whenever I feel like it even if the products are made for my oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin because it could worsen my skin condition, hence reviews on skincare products will also be very limited then it already is.

5.] I can't stay awake very late like I used to anymore..I have to sleep early even if I don't want to. Yes! I don't like sleeping early. I'm nocturnal, my brain works better at night onwards than in the morning. It also makes me feel very comfortable and at peace when I'm awake late at night because I get to be very productive with writing...this may sound funny to you, but staying awake late until 4 am in the morning saved me from making a crap full of nonsense in my term paper in high school and in my thesis in college. I don't know if this is even least I can work as a call center agent right?

6.] I have to save up more money than I used to just to find a product that will really work on my skin even if it would be a high-end brand...which makes me sad because I like bargains and cute, cheap stuff...I usually stray from high-end everything because I feel like I don't fit in that category...yes, I know I'm weird.

7.] One things for sure, Lipstick will always be my best friend. I could still wear makeup every now and then, but I won't risk suffering this full-blown, crazy breakout anymore. Even if it breaks my heart, I have to let go of many of my cosmetics (especially bb creams) in exchange for clearer skin. I don't think I would be wearing blush most of the time...which makes me want to cry because I recently bought cream and powder blushes.

8.] I will have to make my skincare regimen as simple as possible. As long as the products will work for me.

9.] My derma told me that I can only use moisturizer if needed on dry areas on my skin. So that means commercials that tell us, moisturizers are a must in every skincare are total crap, but SUNSCREEN on the other hand, is a must everyday!

Ok, I think that's my rant for now...I know this is a waste of time, but the level of frustration and depression I'm feeling right now is overwhelming that I can't even talk about it to my husband (I tried, but he did not understand which made me a bit pissed off...not gonna do any talk that will make his brain bleed anymore--'cause he can't handle alien scientific words.)

Pls. help...what cosmetics (noncmedogenic, hypoallergenic, great for sensitive, acne-prone, oily skin) and skin care could you suggest that would still work for my skin condition? I research each and every single one before I purchase anything.


  1. it's so great to know this kind of information. i actually suggest you to try Cetaphil. i know it's bleh but it's really gentle and it works for my daughter. i used some clinique products before they're not that great.

  2. I've been straying from Cetaphil ever since I tried the bend when I was in high school, I did not like the feeling at all, but if this will save my skin then I think I'll give Cetaphil a try again. (^_^) thanks for your suggestion. (^_^)

    What adverse reaction did Clinique give you? I'm scared of purchasing expensive products that doesn't work...

  3. I got oily skin too.. clinique's acne stuff works well with me, but their night moisturizer (that yellow one) is too oily for me... wait for clinique to have a sale at macy's or the bay, then you spend $35 getting something while getting a bag of other free stuff :)

  4. aww your dermo knows best!

    i think there's a lot of risk-taking when it comes to trying out skincare, i think it's always the best to stick to what works.

    Jen from does a great skin care routine video, i guess her skin type is kind of like yours and she maintains it very well :)

  5. @Nic Nic: Yes, the derma really knows best! (^_^) my acne and acne scars are healing quite fast than expected and it's only a week after I went to my dermatologist! All the prescription treatment creams that she has formulated for me are really effective...(^_^) Maybe I should do a skin condition update soon! (^_^)

    I think Jen ( and I have the same skin condition because we use almost the same products that the derma prescribed (like the Adapalene -- brand name is Differin).

    I currently don't use any moisturizer because my skin is already oily (I will only use one when needed on the dry areas of my face like the derma said) and it's always warm here in the Philippines..(^_^)

  6. Hi. I am no expert when it comes to skincare but I would like to suggest you try the olay total effects line for it is effective to me. We have the same skin condition. Mine's also sensitive, oily and acne prone. I've tried a lot of over-the-counter products without success until a friend suggested I try olay total effects moisturizer (650-700php for the big bottle) and i've been loyal to this product since then. Not only did it lessen my blemishes, it also visibly improved my skin texture. You may also want to try olay total effects cream cleanser for acne prone skin (200php for big bottle). It's the best cleanser i've tried so far. I hope your skin improves in no time. Good luck sis!

  7. @cheassy: thanks for your suggestion, but I've already tried Olay Total Effects also and it also gave me breakouts...(-_-)...I guess my sensitivity to products is more frustrating...