Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello! + My Skin Update (Warning: A very long Babble)

Hello! 你好吗? 

It's been quite awhile since my last blog. Life has been very busy for me lately, but I'm quite surprised that even though I'm very busy and exhausted with vet. work everyday, I'm enjoying what I'm doing right now, except with the "know-it-all", "over-acting" and "rude" clients that I have to deal with every now and then, I'm enjoying helping animals to be in their tip top shape. (^_^)

One thing that's true with this line of work, It's way more easier to understand and deal with animals than their owners, so patience with owners is always a virtue...but honestly, my patience has its limits.


It's been almost 6 months since I started having my face treated by the dermatologist due to major breakouts I had last year and thankfully, my face is 90% healed. I still have few blemishes to deal with and get pimples every now and then, but not as bad as it was last year. I still have to go to the dermatologist at least every month for maintenance, but sometimes I really want to not go anymore because I have to save up money on other necessities. 

Unfortunately, applying medicated creams and soaps has taken its toll on my skin. These are the changes that I have observed:

== My skin changed from oily, acne-prone, sensitive to combination, acne-prone, sensitive. Since the weather is already getting hotter and hotter (summer is almost here), my face usually start to oil up, but due to the medications, my skin is producing less oil to the point that my skin is already in the "NORMAL" skin type category which is good! Except on my mouth area which is so dry like the Sahara desert.

== My skin has really been responding very well with adapalene. Everytime I have a pimple, depending on the size, my pimple heals overnight. For cystic pimple that I still get once in a blue moon, it takes about 3 days to week for it to heal through the medication which is great!

== Eventhough I can't experiment with as many new skincare products as I used to before, I can already try new skincare products a little at a time as long as I go by the rule that my dermatologist told me:
  • the product has to have no artificial color or it has to be at least white in color.
  • It should have no added scent/perfume as much as possible, but if it has a scent, it should be very, very subtle.
  • it should still be oil-free, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenice and all that jazz.
  • it should be gentle on my skin.
  • grainy scrubs is already not that advisable.
  • apply moisturizer ONLY WHEN NEEDED on dry areas of the skin.
Since my Celeteque moisturizer is almost finished and it has done a great job on my skin, I'll be  using a new moisturizer that I have been wanting to try for quite a while now, yes! back to reviews on skincare...hihihihi! If my new skincare products don't work for me, my trusty Celeteque and I will meet again!

PS. Reviews on products that I have hauled will resume on MARCH...I hope some of you readers could wait until then. (^_^)v

Take care!