Sunday, January 30, 2011

Collective Haul and Rambling: Etude House and Bobbi nailpolishes

Since the start of this year, I haven't been hauling much beauty stuff because...

- none of the new collections of makeup or skincare stuff really interest me right now.
- I have to finish so many makeup stuff, especially lipstick before I could purchase more lip products, but I doubt I won't be hauling lip products any time soon. haha!
- having 3 siblings, nieces and nephew with consecutive birth months after December has been taking its toll on my wallet...well, I prioritize on giving gifts to loved ones before my hobby so, they're very lucky to have me in the family don't ya think? hahaha! (good thing they don't know I have a blog...hihihi!)
- I am saving money for many things like gifts for my hubby and son, a dslr, new moisturizer/serum I want to try because I am running out of moisturizer, etc.
- I still have to make a review on stuff that I've accumulated in the past.

Anyway, after all that's been said, I still manage to purchase what I need for now like

eye makeup brushes, clay mask brush and nail polish remover from Etude House (I don't recommend the nail polish remover when it comes to its smells like flowers for the dead, but the "nailpolish removing performance" is quite good).

On the other hand, I purchased...well, I have convinced my husband to buy me these Bobbi nailpolishes (local product here in the Phils.) out of curiosity since they are so cheap (only P34-P35 depending on the formula if it's a regular or glaze collection). They are not asthma-inducing for me and contains no toluene (I've checked if the smell is overpowering and if the ingredients is written somewhere on the bottle). 

I think local nailpolishes here in the Phils. is coping up and improving their formula, quality and adding more variety in their nailpolishes which I really like. I guess they've noticed that they are way behind when it comes to what consumers want nowadays...we consumers can really get quite demanding aren't we? hehehe!

and I've also purchased this smoothing balm by Pantene just to try...I'm really not into haircare products and my haircare products only consists of shampoo and conditioner. I just want to try this if this can substitute conditioner when I'm running late and I have no time to condition my hair in the shower. I have tried this today and so far so...great!! Have I told you this smoothing balm smells SO GOOD it's not even funny...and my husband knows I'm very, very picky when it comes to liking scents. I'd rather my products to be not scented than to be scented, but this smoothing balm is love I tell ya!!! LOVE!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swatch: My Work-Friendly Nailpolish

Yes, I am going to do clinical work for a month..wee! Another new experience and adventure! I've been stuck here in my house for too long already that I'm starting to be a bit ignorant about the outside world...I just hope I could cope up again.

I don't think I could give up my nailpolishes that easily, but I don't want to be scolded at work either, so I just have to compromise with the color of the nailpolishes that I'm going to wear for this month.

As some of you readers have noticed, I usually prefer dark, vibrant and bright nail colors instead of the subtle, almost none existent nail color. I mean, what's the point of wearing nailpolishes with almost no pigmentation? you could just buff your nails right?

But since I'm going to work starting next week, nude colored nailpolishes would suffice for now...I also have to ask my employer if it's ok to wear bright-colored nailpolishes so I don't have to wear this often because this look bore me easily.

Anyway, here is one of my work-friendly nailpolish:

The Face Shop Nailpolish in BR803

Natural light:

w/ flash:


Natural light:

w/ flash:

My Asthma-Triggering Nailpolishes and My Fave Nailpolish Remover (so far)

Last year, I remember hauling this cheap nailpolishes for only P80...I thought it was a good deal because the pigmentation and longevity of these nailpolishes are awesome, however, I forgot to observe if these nailpolishes could tolerate my asthma-prone lungs.

Obviously, it did not. It's such a shame that since I've had good experiences with Korean nailpolishes so far, these particular Korean brand failed. I've also read news that these polishes are one of the brands that were tested to have a very high content of benzene and other heavy metals...then I guess my lungs doesn't lie when something is wrong with these polishes.

On the brighter side, their nailpolish remover is awesome! It actually has the same smell as the Sally Hansen nailpolish remover, but for a cheaper price (P80) and what's great about this is that this did not have any kind of acetone smell...just a perfumey smell that, surprisingly, did not irritate my nose and lungs. So, if ever I found this nailpolish remover next time, I'm going to buy this! 

Comparing the smell of the nailpolish remover to the nailpolish removing performance, among Etude House, The Face shop and the BNC nail polish remover, the BNC wins! The Face shop in second place, and the Etude House in third (this smell like flowers for the dead). If I have more time, I'll have an in depth review about this next time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Short Review/Swatch: Orly in Snowcone

This product belongs to one of my past hauls last year...
Yep! this is really really late because this nailpolish has been featured and swatched by many beauty bloggers that I'm just posting this for the sake of my inventory hehehe!

I have a "short-term memory" with products that work and don't work for me..hehehe! I know I'm weird and I'm easily hypnotized by cute packaging, but as we all know...cute packaging doesn't equals quality product.

Anyway, I'm off topic again so let's start the short review...

Orly nailpolish in "Snowcone"

Natural light:

- lasts for about 5 days which is not bad.
- true to the color in the bottle.
- doesn't have a strong chemical smell (I don't get asthma attacks after using this unlike other cheap brands the I bought which I will mention next time)

- not locally available and if it already is (I saw an Orly stall just last year in SM), it's hard to find.
- expensive (I ordered this online from digitaltraincase for P350 at that time, now all her nailpolishes are P400 and limited edition nailpolishes are P500...woah!)
- quite streaky on first application.

w/ flash:

 Nail swatch:
I did 3 coats on this, but I think you can get this with just 2 coats if you're a pro at applying nailpolishes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review/Swatch: Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy (903b)

Another review and swatch from one of my past hauls...I'm sorry if this is starting to look like a lipstick review blog. It's just that lipstick is my favorite makeup item among all other makeup things...honestly, I could live without foundation and blush, but not lipstick...there's something about having color on my lips that makes me a bit happy and look less dead (because I'm anemic).

Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick in Just Peachy
As most of us know, this has been one of the matte drugstore lipsticks that has become a favorite to many (including me) because of its great color payoff, it's affordable and of course, it's matte. It's really hard to find matte lipsticks nowadays, I don't know why.

W/ flash:
I know you're wondering why the lipstick is a bit nicked on top...I had a hard time opening the plastic wrapping that I yanked it so hard, the lipstick flew across the room and the rest is history. I just remembered that the lipstick was separated into 2 about a super flimsy packaging.

Natural light:

- its super pigmented, just the way i like it.
- quite affordable (P299.00) .Wait for sales to purchase it for a cheaper price.
- true to the color in the tube. I have tried many lipsticks that looks peach or orange and then turns pink on my's very annoying.

- makes your lips dry so you have to moisturize the lips before putting this on.
- packaging is flimsy.
- the lipstick doesn't go all the way down the tube which makes it prone to nicks and "cap smears"
- the name of the lipstick is printed on the plastic wrapping and not under the lipstick packaging.


Natural light:

W/ flash:

Use a lip brush when applying this kind of lipstick instead of applying it directly from the tube straight across your lips so that, it won't look like some kid had fun coloring your lips with crayon. If you're lazy like me, just apply the lipstick straight from the tube with dabbing motions to build the color on your lips then blend the hard edges with your finger. Apply a bit of clear lipgloss if you want.

Quick Review: Skinfood Smoky Crayon in #3

I know, I haven't been reviewing products that I've hauled way back. You could tell I'm lazy with these kinds of things hahaha! I think I should continue doing reviews of my past purchases a little at a time so that  my "to do review list" won't pile up anymore. 

I just want to do a quick review of this Skinfood Smokey Crayon that I bought online from kkochipida in multiply last year.

Skinfood Smokey Crayon #3 (Brown)

I remember that this color wasn't my original purchase because I clearly stated that I want the navy blue one, but oh well, this color was accidentally delivered to me. I really don't want the hassle of exchanging it with the navy blue one and since I only bought this out of curiosity, I was ok with it. 

- quite pigmented in just one swipe.
- creamy and glides on easily.
- can be smudged easily, hence the name "smokey crayon"
- I had no bad reactions from it (thankfully)
- quite affordable (bought it from kkochipida for P215)
- nice, cute packaging and not cheap looking.
- If you're looking for an eyeliner that does not smudge, this is not for you. This eyeliner was not called "Creamy SMOKEY Crayon" for nothing.

Natural light:

 W/ flash:

- I recommend this to be applied SPARINGLY. Apply this eyeliner a little at a time then smudge it before you put another layer to build the desired "smokiness" that you want. Set it with a powder eyeshadow of the same color if you want.

I like using this on its own especially when I'm in a hurry and I just want a bit of definition on my eyes and...let's say a bit of a grungy look (but in a good way) that's says "I don't care what you think casual look"...hahahaha! I know I'm not the person to look for when it comes to describing things because I tend to be a bit morbid, but that's me! (^_^)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Photo Blog is Up and Running!

Just started my new photo blog of my adventures in the neighborhood of unknown..hahaha!

so, if you have time, you're welcome to visit my photo blog.

For learning photographers, pros, or anyone who knows things about photography and art, tips, advice and constructive criticism are always welcome in my blog, so that I could learn from my mistakes or we could learn together! (^_^)...but I will not tolerate insults, sorry! hehehe!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Haul/Review/Swatch of 2011: Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick in C22

Just bought this lipstick yesterday out of curiosity. I think I'm falling in love with Maybelline lipsticks. That being said, I think it would be a bad idea to collect everything since I still have tons of lipstick that I haven't finished up...I admit I'm a lipstick addict..hahaha!

On with my first haul/review/swatch - Maybelline Water Shine Pure w/ Natural Water + Minerals.

First of all, when did water become synthetic? really weird. Anyway, this lipstick is a far cry from my usual very pigmented lipsticks because it has a thinner consistency than the usual lipstick and has the appearance of a lipgloss finish, but is more pigmented than the usual lipgloss.

Unfortunately, this Water Shine Pure line is only labelled by an alphabet code and number code. I don't blame them, creating an original label for each lipstick is really hard nowadays especially when there are tons of lipsticks out there in the market.

Eventhough their packaging is made of plastic, it still looks sleek. I prefer this packaging than that of their Colorsensational Moisture Extreme line (which I've recently found out that it is an exclusively sold only here in Asia)

 Natural light:
This is the most orange-y lipstick that I could find in the whole Maybelline lipstick range. I think they should create more variety of orange-y lipstick instead of always making pink of almost the same shades...I get it, they are a pro in making fantastic pink and red shades, but how about orange? hehehe!

W/ flash:
In the tube, it looks like a light orange with fine shimmers in it.

 Natural light:
but, when applied on the lips, it only gives it a nice lipgloss-y sheen that is very wearable for everyday.

- affordable only P299.00 (Next time, I will wait for it to go on sale so I could purchase it for a cheaper price.)
- I find that all shades of this line is very wearable for daytime.
- does not have any scent.
- thinner consistency than the usual lipstick
- more pigmented than the usual lipgloss.
- pigmentation is buidable, but only up to medium coverage.
- more moisturizing compared to the Colorsensational Moisture Extreme lipsticks.
- surprisingly brightens up my sallow skin, making it more alive.

- color wears off easily, up to 2 hours max w/o eating or drinking, so you have to re-apply through out the day which I don't mind doing.

Am I going to purchase more?
 yep! but only when they are on sale so I could buy it at a cheaper price.

A New Blog Soon...Need your suggestions...Blabber some more...

Yep, I said it! I'm planning on creating a new blog for one of my favorite hobbies besides makeup and's more on photography (well, random amateur photos need to expect a pro work...I don't even have a DSLR...hahaha!), some of my doodle art, and some crazy, random thoughts and ideas that might inspire me to write it in my new blog.

I was just wondering what blog site is best to use if I want to post more photos? (e.g. wordpress, blogger, etc.)

I hope ya'll visit my new blog once it's don't have to follow if you don't want to...just visit...because I'm proud to show off my masterpiece...hahahahahaha!!

Why would I create a new blog just for this?

...Because I'm doing myself a favor before it's too late.

Yes, I am following my heart starting this year and I think this would be a good outlet for an amateur like me to improve and learn on what I have been loving to do since I was very young. I will try to learn by self-study and learning from other people's experience first before I plan to pursue a formal study on what category of "art" I would like to concentrate more on.

...Am I too old for this? Am I too late to study?

I'm feeling my life would be one heck of a roller coaster ride once I've made up my mind to go serious on this hobby. God help me.