Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Collective Haul: Nyx, Elianto, Bath Accessories, My First Opi, Orly and Seche Vite

I know I've hauled too much this month. With these hauls, I'm going to have to catch up on reviews that could take a very very long time to accomplish...my bad...(-_-) but I can't help it!!! Will to do a review after my nightmare is all over...

I've ordered some stuff again from digitaltraincase (^_^) very efficient service I tell ya!! Besides Nyx products, she also sells OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Seche Vite, American Apparel and a whole lot more of those to die for nailpolishes. (^_^)

Of course, for a newbie, I don't want to buy too much..still have to stay on the budget even if these are expensive nailpolishes (for me at least)...it's still worth it because at least I get what I paid for...really nice pigment with just one coat = love... hahahahah!

I also bought some bath sponges in Watson..the cellulose sponges claims that it is made from 100% plant by-product (I think) which could be "good for the environment"...

I also bought 2 nailpolishes from elainto and I'm quite disappointed with it because they literally don't last that long...the nailpolishes lasts for 2 days max...and it dries super slow...hate it...

and of course I ordered my Nyx products from digitaltraincase as always...(^_^)

Hope I could do a review already...Even my board review is not doing well too....So expect for the worst...

Good day to all!


  1. thanks for your unending support for digitaltraincase dear! now i want to see NOTD posts weeeeh!

  2. I'll do that next time..hehehehe! still reviewing for the nightmare board exam..heheheh!

  3. Great haul!!!! thanks for stopping by my blog. just followed yours ^^

  4. Hey magreview ka nga!!! LOL! yeah youve been a bad girl, hoarding much!!!

    been hearing raves abt OPI, gusto ko din nyan day!
    how much?

  5. saka na ko magrereview pag tapos na ang board exam..pagkatapos nun, babahain ko ng review tong blog ko..hehehehe!

    OPI are currently P400. bought it from digitaltraincase in multiply. hehe!

  6. ay d ko keri 400.. pero interested din ko sa nyx lipistix! bilis ksi maura ng nichido tska ever bilena..

  7. anong maura? mura lang nyx lipstick girl! P160 lang!