Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Skinfood Avocado Rich Eye Balm

I bought this a few months back when Skinfood was having their 50% off sale on selected items...As the Phil. beauty consumers know that the prices of skinfood here are jacked up, I took the opportunity of their sale, but the problem is, after looking at my receipt again to check on the price, I assume they "forgot" to give me the discounted price of my purchases...oh well, I can't go back there and ask them about "my situation" anymore. Well, I've learned my lesson.

Skinfood Avocado Rich Eye Balm
As always cute packaging

"Discounted" Price when I bought it: 
P675.00 (from the price alone, I regret buying this product. This is not a high end product, but the price is still quite steep.)

I don't know the exact amount of product that is in this tub, but it looks bigger than the average eye creams in the market.

has a citrusy/herby scent to it. It doesn't smell like an avocado...not even close.

Consistency and Texture:
thick consistency (feels like a balm as stated on the product name) and rich texture.

- really does moisturize the under eye area leaving the skin soft.
- has a lot of product in one tub.
- a little goes a long way.
- did not cause any kind of bad reaction.
- great for people that has a really dry under eye area.

- don't really like the smell especially when it is already smells kinda funky afterwards. it's weird.
- if you put on too much, it will feel sticky and oily.
- if you expect it to lessen wrinkles and fine lines, this is not for you.
- doesn't absorb well into the skin. You can still feel there is still something :"left" on top of the skin.
- expensive for a so-so product.


partially blended


***I already gave this to my mom after using this for a few months (there's still a lot of product left in the tub) because I don't really like the smell of this everytime I use it.


  1. aaah thanks for the review, I'll buy this. but does it cause any millia?

  2. During the time I used this product, it did not cause milia around my eye area, so I guess no...

  3. ^ I honestly don't know the ingredients in this product since all that is written on the product is in Korean.