Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review/Swatch: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Lava Love M05

I haven't purchased any lipsticks from Avon for quite a long time now and honestly, I miss their lipsticks because of its affordability and its great quality. I've already compared this new lipstick that I've bought from the past Avon lipstick of the same line that I already seems like they've improved the formula of their lipstick even more. I'm impressed! Unfortunately, I don't know any direct seller of Avon besides my sister who already stopped selling for the time being so, I have no access from buying Avon lipsticks...

...until one night, I passed by the LRT station on my way home from work and saw a stall of Avon products on the corner of the station...I was pleasantly surprised that I get to try their lipsticks again...well, at least try their new formula because I really, really need to finished up at least half my lipstick collection before it go to waste. Even my husband is overwhelmed with my lipstick collection that he doubts I'm going to finish up some of it. He feels like I have almost a lifetime supply of lipsticks...yep, it's kinda embarrassing...

but I still bought one...hihihihi!

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Lava Love

I also like their somewhat new packaging of their lipstick. it has some good weight to it and it looks classy. They've only change the color of the metallic thing in the middle from light to medium grey. Well, I'm not good at describing things so, here is the sample of the packaging in the past.

I picked a red color with an orange tinge to it...why another red lipstick? I don't know...hahahaha!
Just by looking at the tube, I've realized that this can be a dupe for the NYX round lipstick in Eros minus the teeny weeny shimmer/metallic finish we see in NYX RL in Eros. Wanna see the comparison? here is my old post of my NYX reds.


Natural light:
yep, I forgot to take a picture of it with the flash mode, but c'mon! looking at a swatch in natural light is a better way to go. This kind of red really suits morenas and fair people with warm or neutral skintones.

- affordable. I bought it for only P199!!!
- available locally
- improved formula and packaging
- the smell reminds me of Nerds candy...I love Nerds!!
- great pigmentation. one swipe and it's already opaque.
- quite moisturizing, but I still suggest putting on lip balm before any kind of lipstick.

- it's hard to find (for me) a direct seller.
- none so far.

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