Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Swatch: The Face Shop Nailpolish in GR503

Just want to show you a swatch for reference. I've already reviewed quite a few The Face Shop nailpolish of the same line already, so no need to make a review about this again.

The Face Shop Nailpolish in GR503
milky, light green (like sea-foam green)


Natural light:
the edges of my nails near my nailbed is already growing. You can tell, that this nailpolish still holds up for quite a long time.


  1. I like this color too. (^_^) I don't usually like any kind of shades of green because they don't look good on me, but the color is really cute, I can't resist not buying it..hahaha!

  2. i think i saw something like this on etude house..

  3. yes, there is a nail polish that is similar to this in Etude House, but I honestly prefer the formulation of The Face Shop nailpolishes than the Etude House one. Besides that, I have that similar green color nailpolish from Etude House and when it dried on my nails, it looked neon green on me. I don't like it because it looked kinda tacky.