Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: the Face Shop Nail Polish in BL604

Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL604


It a very, very dark royal blue (looks like a very fine liquid metallic dark blue) which I love! (I LOVE DARK NAIL POLISH COLORS! ESPECIALLY BLUE ONES!) It looks almost like black from a distant glance.

- dries quite fast
- doesn't have the strong nail polish smell.
- color true to the bottle.
- the color is vibrant even w/o top coat.
- large quantity (11 ml in a bottle)
- lasts for a week or more!! (To think that I do heavy chores everyday!)

- quite expensive (P95, but I'm not complaining because i love dark colors!!!)

= Dark colors, especially blue (at least for me) will make your hands look whiter and elegant without looking emo. (no pun intended to emos)
= Want to try dark colors, but is scared of black? Try blue.
= Dark red (wine red, ruby red, true red, etc.) makes your hands look elegant, but older...try it. If you're in your teens to early twenties, paint a dark red color on your nails, it will look funny..Like you borrowed your mother's beautifully manicured hands. I've tried it many times and I still can't pull it off...Maybe when I'm 25..I'll try again...My sister-in-law can pull off this color already.

On with the pictures!!!

What it looks like in the bottle:

Natural light:

With flash:

What it looks like on nails:
(I forgot to take a picture of my nails with camera flash..sorry!)

Natural light:

Sorry for the following blurred pictures. I only used my camera phone to take pictures of my nails. As you can see, I'm going somewhere at this time..LOL!! Going to the mall!
Car moving!
Take 2

still blurred..hands courtesy of my husband because the car is moving.
Another one!
the background is clearer than my hand..hahaha!

With artificial light!
CLEAR PICTURE AT LAST! Shot taken by my husband.

See! my hands look whiter than it actually is with a dark blue color! This color never fails me!


Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL603

Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL603


It is a cute baby blue color with very very subtle and fine silver glitters in it. Even if you apply it on your nails, the glitters still looks subtle...too have to look very closely to see the glitters on your nails, but I'm fine with it. It still looks beautiful.

- dries quite fast.
- doesn't have that strong nail polish smell.
- true to the color in the bottle.
- 11 ml in a bottle is quite a lot.
- the color is still vibrant even without a top coat.

- quite expensive (P95)
- applies quite sheer. (honestly, I'm not bothered with it...2 coats is fines with me.)
- very, very subtle, almost not noticeable glitters (not bothered with this too..Only for those who prefer chunky glitters on their nails.)

What it looks like in the bottle:

Natural light:

With flash:

What it looks like on nails:

Natural light:

With flash:

Still quite sheer even after 2 coats, but I'm not complaining, it still looks pretty, simple and elegant.

Note: I often take pictures of my painted nails right after I applied them, so you'll often see my good old friend, nail polish excess on the periphery (if that's the term) of my nails.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: Missha Nail Polish in GR002 - UPDATED (added more info.)

I bought Missha nail polishes last month (December 2009) because I was searching for more unique colors to try on my nails.


I only bought 3 nail polishes, 1 from each of their nail polish line except from their ridiculously expensive nailpolish line...I think they have 4 nail polish line which ranges from a bit expensive (P100-120) to RIDICULOUSLY expensive (which ranges from P120-P250 I THINK)....THESE ARE THE PRICES I BELIEVE I SAW IN THE MALL LAST MONTH. JUST CHECK! Sorry for my short term memory loss..hahaha!

I'm not really the type to splurge on something that is not really a necessity, but I gave in to try IMPULSE BUYING for once in my life. I should live a little..Life is short...hahaha!

Prices of the Missha Nail Polishes from my online seller ranges from P75.00-P250.00 (this was when it was on sale). Now, I think prices are higher, but not as high as the mall prices.

I bought my Missha nail polish from an online seller in multiply. She gave me a bit of a special discount from my purchases last Christmas because I am already her "suki" (long time loyal customer). So the price I stated above are her regular prices. hehehe! I remember I bought this for only P75.00

So here's my first review on Missha nail polishes.

Product: Missha Nail Polish in GR002 (this is their regular nail polish line)

What it looks like on natural light:
What it looks like with flash:

The at the bottom, the bottle looks like it is shaped like a heart. Trademark of Missha. All of their nail polish bottles are heart-shaped


In the bottle, it looks like a gorgeous teal color or a creamy sea foam green color.

- Opaque at first coat. Anyone who is a pro at applying nail polishes can get it at 1 coat.
- Dries fast.
- Doesn't have a strong nail polish smell which is great because I have asthma. (unless when you smell right from the bottle which is quite stupid..hahaha!)
- lasts for a week at most. (I have tested this while doing heavy duty chores at home and the only flaw you can see are little cracks here and there, but no chipping)

What it looks like on nails:


Natural light (w/o top coat on):

I forgot to take a picture of this with the camera flash on.

- expensive for a nail polish (costs Php120)
- looks quite dull and flat on nails when top coat is not yet applied.

This is what it looks like when I applied some subtle glitters on it:

Natural Light: 

With flash:

I used this for a "bling" effect because it was quite dull looking without top coat.

This was only given to me by my sister. She's not really into nail polishes so she gave me this. Some random nailpolish from Dubai, but I love this. Makes any kind of dull nail polishes look better.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish in GL112

Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish in GL112

- quite opaque on first application.
- it looks like a very elegant light bronze flakes that does not have a gritty texture when applied.
- It applies smoothly.
- dries quickly.
- doesn't smell too strong compared to other nailpolishes of other brands.

- quite expensive (P95.00)

What it looks like when applied on the nails:
In this picture, the nailpolish has been worn for about a week anf it still looks good! To think I do chores everyday!

Nailpolish color in bottle (daylight):

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Will Forever Love Burberry Summer

Got this perfume as a freebie when I bought my Canon Ixus last last Christmas 2008. There was a promo at that time that I get to have 2 freebies of high end products from watch, wallets to perfume. I needed to buy a camera a that time so I grabbed he opportunity. I really have no idea about good high end perfumes because in the first place, I'm really picky when it comes to scents. Anyway, I gave the other freebie to my husband. He chose a black K-Swiss watch...I wanna wear it someday...hihihihihi! (evil laugh)

I just picked the perfume that interests me by it's packaging and it's popularity in the market. For me, the less popular it is, the BETTER. Usually, the things that don't get much love from people gets lotsa lovin' from me. hahahahaha!

I picked Burberry Summer because it looks simple, but classy at the same time. It smells really really good too. Not too strong, not too light, it stays on all day, doesn't smell funky even if you sweat a lot (like me). I also like scents that fits my personality (laidback, likes vacations) w/c makes me remind of summer my birth month.

As you can see, I'm almost halfway done with my beloved perfume..makes me sad (sentimentality kicking in)...but I'm going to buy the full size next time!!! I promised myself that!

Another reason why I love Burberry more is because I just recently found out that Alex Pettyfer (woohh! swoon!!) is one of the models of Burberry!!! Damn he's handsome!!! How can someone be that handsome....mysteries of life...hahaha!

I know Burberry looks good, but i never knew that it looks this good!!! Deym!!!

Burberry made the right choice..I'm gonna be the new loyal customer!!!!! Keep 'em coming!!

Never imagined this boy from the movie "Stormbreaker" would look this HOT!!!

Woah! We have the same birth month!! Maybe he's also a laidback person like meh!!! hahaha! (ECHUSERA! hahaha!)

Going back to Earth now people!! hahahaha!

DISCLAIMER: pictures of Alex Pettyfer and Burberry Campaign Ads are not mine. no copyright infringement intended. Only watermarked pictures are mine.

Freebes from My Sister in Law

Last Christmas 2009, my sister in law gave me these sample sizes of Lancome eye makeup remover, moisturizer and mascara. I was really happy because I'd never imagine even trying high products because it's really expensive, so I'm content with what i can afford. I'm really thankful that I got to try these products because I'm not really going to buy something this expensive. Just being realistic with what I can afford. Anyway, here it is:

I haven't used the moisturizer and mascara yet, but I'm sure they're also great products like the eye makeup remover. I'll give a review about this HG product in the future...I'm really amazed by this!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Headache, Bodyache, and Sherlock Holmes

This week has been the most tiring week (so far) this 2010. Fortunately, my thesis is the least of my problems (for now) so I get to relax a bit. I was surprised that I've accomplishes many things this week, which means that I've worked very hard because the side effects of my hard work is taking place since yesterday!

I'm having a major headache right now and even if I want to, I can't do a proper review about the products that I want to share with ya'll. Thesis really drained my energy to the point that even if I sleep all day, it wouldn't be enough. Loss of appetite is also a sign of severe fatigue for me. This loss of appetite thing has never happened to me (except when I'm depressed...yes, I can't eat when I'm depressed..surprise right?!). All I want is sleep.

Anyway, weekend is always my happy day because I get to go out, shop a little, sleep more, and as usual I get to watch a movie with my husband once a week. My husband and I are movie junkies...If there is an award for the most avid movie junkie of all time..It would be us. We schedule every movie that interests us for the whole year up to the next. we are only on our movie hiatus when Manila Film Festival starts every mid-week of December upto the first week of January.

No offense to all movie viewers who loves to watch Filipino movies...It really is not my kind of thing, but I try to watch if it interests me. Thankfully, this week is the end of MMFF movies and the start of our schedule of movie marathon for this year. The first movie we watched this year 2010 is Sherlock Holmes and I tell ya, this movie really is a great way to start the new year right! At first I was quite disappointed because I thought "Daybreaker" will be the first one to be shown this year, but it's ok I'll just wait for it a little longer.

I'm not really good at reviewing movies (through writings) that I've watched even though I want to. I've watched so many already I can't count it anymore. Reviewing about it would take me ages to finish and I will just bore you to death. So I'll just say if the movie sucks or not and Sherlock Holmes did not disappoint!

Sherlock Holmes is a must to watch just like Avatar! This movie is as good and as deep as the book that you'd be amazed at how they did the story! One of the rare movies wherein the story is original and not predictable, coupled with great effects and great actors and actresses, this movie is a winner!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oxygen 11:55 For Her eau de toilette

My brother gave me a gift card from oxygen last last Christmas (2008). I only had the time to use the gift card a day before the expiration date (Dec. 23, 2009) because I'm not really into fashionable clothes right now because I have too many clothes already.

I was really planning to buy jeans using the gift cards..unfortunately, My size is always sold out....which means people are getting big nowadays..hahahaha! I'm a fat my eyes that is...anyway...

My husband suggested that I could buy a wallet, but i also don't need he went to the perfume section and suggested this..I'm quite picky with perfumes because I don't like to smell generic...

Ya know! like in the past when Victoria Secret cologne/mist/perfume (whatever you call it) became too popular that everybody smells like the very famous "Love Spell"...It smells really good I know, I also have one of that which was given to me as a gift, but I became sick of it because the smell became generic. I never wore it anymore, I seldom wore it, if I feel like it.

Product: Oxygen 11:55 For Her eau de toilette

As usual, I also don't need that, but decided to buy it because it smells like Dolce and Gabbana light blue / DKNY at a cheaper price.

Price is approximately P300

I don't like strong smelling perfumes so this perfume is perfect! It doesn't smell strong even if you over spray (which sometimes happens to me)

I like the smell of perfumes that gives the impression of a laid back feel, clean smelling, simple but elegant. That's what I think about this perfume when I smell it. (Sorry if I'm terrible at describing smells)

 The perfume blends in with my body chemistry perfectly, it smells natural and not synthetic or chemically. Even if I sweat a lot throughout the day, I don't smell funky.

Of course like other perfumes, the smell fades throughout the day, but not to the point that it completely evaporates like you did not put any perfume on. It's still there on your skin.

Will I buy again: yes! this has been a part of my small collection of perfumes.

Pre-oral Defense on the way!!

I'm very tired today, but I'm happy I finally get to arrange my documents for pre-oral defense next week.

I'm still tired even if I just woke up this 9pm from "siesta" (afternoon nap). It still isn't enough, but I still have lots of assigns. to do.

The good part is, I could have some time later to review nailpolishes again, maybe one or two reviews...let's just see later.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

MIA so Early???

I've been MIA (Missing in Action) this past few days because I've been really busy with studies lately. I'm trying me best to finish my thesis while there's still time. I want to graduate this March that's why I'm arranging many things and documents for graduation too.

I've also made an agreement with my husband because he helped me pay for my laptop. In return, I should refrain from doing too much blogging (no progress in thesis, no blogging) because he knew that I am enjoying doing reviews and such way too much. So I agreed. He also told me not to use the laptop for things that's not related to my studies (including blogging and playing online games).

Now, I'm almost finished with chapter 3 of my thesis (thank God!) and it will be passed to my adviser tomorrow. I just pray that my thesis proposal would be approved so that I could perform my one month long experiment then on with the thesis defense.

I'm so excited because if ever my thesis proposal would be approved, I can spare some time blogging and writing reviews every now and then during my experiment.

I'm just wishing and praying hard that I could finish this terrible, energy-absorbing, depression-inducing thesis before March so that I could say bye bye to my college life...I feel old with all the lower years as my classmate. I miss my batch and my APT peeps...

So I'll be writing again maybe this weekend after I've passed my thesis proposal. Wish me luck!

PS. Sorry for my haggard appearance and ginormous, raccoon-like dark's from lack of sleep and stress.

NO PAIN! NO GAIN! GAME FACE ON! (pats myself at the back...)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Was Tagged?? Happy 101 Award!!!

disclaimer: I don't own this picture.

I've been tagged and given an award for the very first time in my life. LOL!

Thanks GIRL WITH GLASSES a.k.a "JING" for taggine me. (^_^)

 Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."

1. Post more blog reviews. (later!)

2. Finish chapter 1-3 of my thesis.

3. Changing my nail polish color again (check!). Now it's teal!!

4. Finish up the Crema de Fruta in the fridge. (next victim! later!)

5. Defeat the Bloons in Bloons of Tower Defense 4 with my Super Monkeys  in the Advanced level!! (check'll know what I mean)

6. Buy the first book of J.L Smith.....I'm itching to start reading novels again!!!!! I should finish my thesis first!!!

7. Learning more about computers w/ the help of my husband. (he's a computer genius..he just doesn't know it...he just needs more boost of self-esteem.)

8. Save money for my weekend mini haul....hihihihi! (more nail polishes to come!)

9. Finish reading my handouts for the exams tomorrow.

10. Organize my things for school (again.) My mind is also cluttered when my things are I want to clean up and organize!


- Poorita Pashonistah
- Ogot
- Meowcake
- Sarah (Skin Heaven)
- Angie (The Nail Polish Ninja)
- and to everyone who reads my blog ANONYMOUSLY...I'm watching you!! hahaha! joke!!


Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP403

I knew it!!! My husband is really color blind, but has quite good taste!  hahaha!

I was itching to buy more nail polishes last Saturday, but I don't have the budget to buy as many as I like.

I narrowed down my options to 3 items.

So I bought a glittery bloody red (RD304) and a glittery baby blue (BL603). Choosing the last item to buy is always a hard task for me especially when I love to buy them all at the same time...LOL!!!

My husband helped me in choosing the 3rd nail color that I would buy and he chose this!

He said that my nails looks better with dark colors (Ha! I can rock black!), but I don't feel like putting dark colors nowadays so I told him to help me choose a "happy" color EXCEPT PINK...He knows I hate pink.

Then he chose this particular color..He said it was quite unique and it was! The problem is I think it's pink!!!

I said, are you sure you want me to wear that color??!! It's pink!! He said, "NO! It's Purple...It's light purple w/ fine glitters to be exact..I know you like purple!"

My gut feeling still tells me it's more of a PINK color, but I still bought it because my husband liked it and I liked the unique BLUISH VIOLET CHROME that it has when natural light hits the color. Still very beautiful blend of colors.

My description of the nail polish color to be exact: PINKISH LILAC WITH BLUISH VIOLET CHROME/SHIMMER (the bluish violet shimmer doesn't show too well in the picture, but it really looks unique when seen in person)

 This is what it looks like after i applied 3 coats of the nail polish. In the picture, it looks very pink, but in natural light, you'll see the nice blending of colors. So it's better when it's seen in person.

When applied on the nails, it is quite sheer. Even after 3 coats, it's still not opaque enough, but I still like it even when worn alone because the color gives you an illusion that your hands are very delicate looking...hahahahaha!

It still looks more like PINK to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the label says it's in the PINK category (PP-pink, RD-red, BL-blue, GL-glitters and so on)

- All The Face Shop nail polishes that I've purchased so far have a good staying power that can last for a week or a week and a half (in my experience)

I Want to Design A Cute Template for My Blog

But I don't know how to!!!!

I love designing and I have many ideas in my head!

If only I know how to make web designs...I'm itching for a new background for my blog....

pppfffff.......i'm frustrated........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hauls 2009

I've been consistently hauling this year..I usually haul every week and or every month..Not the big hauls..just mini hauls that I've collected as time pass by...I just wish I posted my past hauls in this blog too...I was a blogger in multiply in the past, but I got lazy..hahaha!

Here are my collective hauls:

This was my very first online haul...I just started online shopping this year and I'm quite addicted with it...Anyway, I wish I did not delete my other consecutive hauls so that I could keep track of what I bought....breaking my wallet one item at a time...hahahahaha! Just kidding! I budget my hauls so don't worry!

Another package I got from Korea yesterday:

I've waited almost one week for this to arrive...I've learned my lesson not to order online on months that has many many holidays like December...hahaha! Delivery at this month takes longer days to arrive than expected.

Here's another of my mini haul I bought in SM the same day my package arrived...

And Yes! I'm also addicted in collecting different kinds of nail polishes..I've been collecting for quite sometime now and I'm also going to try to post reviews about the nail polishes that I've purchased in the past.

Now, I remember what my friend told me about my "collecting" habits she told me that I'm a "natural na basurera" (meaning I'm a natural garbage collector). That was the funniest description of me I've ever heard in my whole life! That's why I love my friends so much! hahahaaha!

I've been collecting different kinds of things since I was a girl...I still have my stationary and sticker collections that are in "mint" condition (the museum manager would be proud of me..hahaha!). I'm still collecting stationaries and stickers every now and then...hahaha!

Until now, I'm still secretly hoping that my stationary collections would have monetary value someday...ya know! like stamps!! (^_^) If there is, let me know!! (^_^)

I'm planning to make a review on some of the products I've bought in the past including this. So enjoy! Hope it would be helpful! (^_^)

Christmas Bling Bling

I know it's very late to post about Christmas gifts that you got this Christmas...but I still want to show yah this unexpected gift that my brother-in-law's girlfriend gave me. We're not really close so I did not expect to be given a gift.

Anyway, this is what she gave me.

A very "girly" crystal bracelet. Some of the crystal are light pink...It's alright since she doesn't know I don't really like pink..hehehehe!

I still appreciate everything that has been given to me even a gift that is barbie pink, I would gladly receive and treasure. Actually, if ever you see all the things that I own which are pink, (besides makeup and nail polishes which I buy from my own money) all of it are given to me as a gift from my loved ones.

Other people who accept gifts that are not of their interest usually give the gift away to somebody else who's interested or just don't use it at all (I'm not against the idea). Me? I use the gifts given to me and I treasure each and everyone. It's my way of saying that your gifts are much appreciated and I even appreciate the idea of you trying hard to think of a gift that you'll give me (sometimes it's hard to think of something to give especially if you don't know the person).

Anyhoo!! this is what my bracelet looks like with flash:

I love the colors that it gives when light hits on it. Looks rainbow colored in person.

On natural light:

Bling Up!!

The sparkles!! I love sparkling, shiny things!

When worn:

I think I'm going to use this on my brother's birthday this month...yes!

Have a great New Year! (^_^)

Review: Etude House Peach Water Gloss in Peach Milk

This is one of the 3 items that I've bought in Etude House from my last haul and finally, I'm going to do a review on it...I've been very lazy lately.

Here it is:

Got it in Peach Milk (but it looks PINK in the bottle and on the lips).....I hate pink, not because I hate the color, but because it doesn't suit my personality.

Current Price: P298.00

Instead of a doe foot applicator, this lipgloss has a slanted heart-shaped applicator. It still works the same as the doe foot type. So nothing special.

To my surprise, this lipgloss actually looks great on my lips. I can even wear this alone w/o applying a lip concealer underneath ( I have very pigmented lips...not the pink or red type of pigmentation, but BROWN!) Deym!! I wish I could tattoo my lips someday so that it could be "uni-skintoned" (if that's even a word!)

Here's my bare lips:

Inner part of lips: Pale (because I'm anemic)
Outer part of lips: brown, toasted and burned by the sun to perfection..hahahahha! ( I was very dark when I was a kid because I WAS very athletic. Now, my trusty computer and me are bestest best friends!)

Here's my lips with the lipgloss:

For the first time in my life, my lips looked light pink...very healthy, natural looking light glows and looks very youthful for the first time...hahahaha!

look at the difference! and I did not put anything, but the is actually very moisturizing too! my lips are always dry. I'm not a big fan of "tintless" lipbalms..


All of my photos here in my blog are not edited or photoshoped in anyway. All of it are raw photos. I'm not a fan of photoshopping..I don't even know how to use it...but I would love to learn how to use adobe photoshop someday! (^_^)

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Very Unusual Gift This Christmas 2009

What have you got this Christmas? I did not get much, but I still love each and everyone..even the unusual ones...hahahaha!

I got this gift from my brother. A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (Rose Edition)

I didn't know an army knife has editions especially for women..hahahaha!

I think he gave me this one for protection or when he gave me a tear gas spray on my sixteenth birthday..hahaha! I wasn't allowed to go inside the school premises when I brought it with me one day, but the guards in school are my friends so I left it to them for safekeeping while I'm inside school then I would get it at dismissal time.

It's a mini size so it fits my small hands..It's cute actually. My brother also gave my husband a mini Victorinox Swiss Army Knife this Christmas. My mini Swiss knife has a partner for Christmas! aawww! (^_^)

My Swiss knife didn't came with a leather case (bummer), but my husband's swiss knife did..

It looks stunning in daylight!

Especially in pairs! (^_^) Thanks for the gift, bro!