Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Will Forever Love Burberry Summer

Got this perfume as a freebie when I bought my Canon Ixus last last Christmas 2008. There was a promo at that time that I get to have 2 freebies of high end products from watch, wallets to perfume. I needed to buy a camera a that time so I grabbed he opportunity. I really have no idea about good high end perfumes because in the first place, I'm really picky when it comes to scents. Anyway, I gave the other freebie to my husband. He chose a black K-Swiss watch...I wanna wear it someday...hihihihihi! (evil laugh)

I just picked the perfume that interests me by it's packaging and it's popularity in the market. For me, the less popular it is, the BETTER. Usually, the things that don't get much love from people gets lotsa lovin' from me. hahahahaha!

I picked Burberry Summer because it looks simple, but classy at the same time. It smells really really good too. Not too strong, not too light, it stays on all day, doesn't smell funky even if you sweat a lot (like me). I also like scents that fits my personality (laidback, likes vacations) w/c makes me remind of summer my birth month.

As you can see, I'm almost halfway done with my beloved perfume..makes me sad (sentimentality kicking in)...but I'm going to buy the full size next time!!! I promised myself that!

Another reason why I love Burberry more is because I just recently found out that Alex Pettyfer (woohh! swoon!!) is one of the models of Burberry!!! Damn he's handsome!!! How can someone be that handsome....mysteries of life...hahaha!

I know Burberry looks good, but i never knew that it looks this good!!! Deym!!!

Burberry made the right choice..I'm gonna be the new loyal customer!!!!! Keep 'em coming!!

Never imagined this boy from the movie "Stormbreaker" would look this HOT!!!

Woah! We have the same birth month!! Maybe he's also a laidback person like meh!!! hahaha! (ECHUSERA! hahaha!)

Going back to Earth now people!! hahahaha!

DISCLAIMER: pictures of Alex Pettyfer and Burberry Campaign Ads are not mine. no copyright infringement intended. Only watermarked pictures are mine.

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