Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Bling Bling

I know it's very late to post about Christmas gifts that you got this Christmas...but I still want to show yah this unexpected gift that my brother-in-law's girlfriend gave me. We're not really close so I did not expect to be given a gift.

Anyway, this is what she gave me.

A very "girly" crystal bracelet. Some of the crystal are light pink...It's alright since she doesn't know I don't really like pink..hehehehe!

I still appreciate everything that has been given to me even a gift that is barbie pink, I would gladly receive and treasure. Actually, if ever you see all the things that I own which are pink, (besides makeup and nail polishes which I buy from my own money) all of it are given to me as a gift from my loved ones.

Other people who accept gifts that are not of their interest usually give the gift away to somebody else who's interested or just don't use it at all (I'm not against the idea). Me? I use the gifts given to me and I treasure each and everyone. It's my way of saying that your gifts are much appreciated and I even appreciate the idea of you trying hard to think of a gift that you'll give me (sometimes it's hard to think of something to give especially if you don't know the person).

Anyhoo!! this is what my bracelet looks like with flash:

I love the colors that it gives when light hits on it. Looks rainbow colored in person.

On natural light:

Bling Up!!

The sparkles!! I love sparkling, shiny things!

When worn:

I think I'm going to use this on my brother's birthday this month...yes!

Have a great New Year! (^_^)

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