Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL603

Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL603


It is a cute baby blue color with very very subtle and fine silver glitters in it. Even if you apply it on your nails, the glitters still looks subtle...too have to look very closely to see the glitters on your nails, but I'm fine with it. It still looks beautiful.

- dries quite fast.
- doesn't have that strong nail polish smell.
- true to the color in the bottle.
- 11 ml in a bottle is quite a lot.
- the color is still vibrant even without a top coat.

- quite expensive (P95)
- applies quite sheer. (honestly, I'm not bothered with it...2 coats is fines with me.)
- very, very subtle, almost not noticeable glitters (not bothered with this too..Only for those who prefer chunky glitters on their nails.)

What it looks like in the bottle:

Natural light:

With flash:

What it looks like on nails:

Natural light:

With flash:

Still quite sheer even after 2 coats, but I'm not complaining, it still looks pretty, simple and elegant.

Note: I often take pictures of my painted nails right after I applied them, so you'll often see my good old friend, nail polish excess on the periphery (if that's the term) of my nails.

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