Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP403

I knew it!!! My husband is really color blind, but has quite good taste!  hahaha!

I was itching to buy more nail polishes last Saturday, but I don't have the budget to buy as many as I like.

I narrowed down my options to 3 items.

So I bought a glittery bloody red (RD304) and a glittery baby blue (BL603). Choosing the last item to buy is always a hard task for me especially when I love to buy them all at the same time...LOL!!!

My husband helped me in choosing the 3rd nail color that I would buy and he chose this!

He said that my nails looks better with dark colors (Ha! I can rock black!), but I don't feel like putting dark colors nowadays so I told him to help me choose a "happy" color EXCEPT PINK...He knows I hate pink.

Then he chose this particular color..He said it was quite unique and it was! The problem is I think it's pink!!!

I said, are you sure you want me to wear that color??!! It's pink!! He said, "NO! It's Purple...It's light purple w/ fine glitters to be exact..I know you like purple!"

My gut feeling still tells me it's more of a PINK color, but I still bought it because my husband liked it and I liked the unique BLUISH VIOLET CHROME that it has when natural light hits the color. Still very beautiful blend of colors.

My description of the nail polish color to be exact: PINKISH LILAC WITH BLUISH VIOLET CHROME/SHIMMER (the bluish violet shimmer doesn't show too well in the picture, but it really looks unique when seen in person)

 This is what it looks like after i applied 3 coats of the nail polish. In the picture, it looks very pink, but in natural light, you'll see the nice blending of colors. So it's better when it's seen in person.

When applied on the nails, it is quite sheer. Even after 3 coats, it's still not opaque enough, but I still like it even when worn alone because the color gives you an illusion that your hands are very delicate looking...hahahahaha!

It still looks more like PINK to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the label says it's in the PINK category (PP-pink, RD-red, BL-blue, GL-glitters and so on)

- All The Face Shop nail polishes that I've purchased so far have a good staying power that can last for a week or a week and a half (in my experience)

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