Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Adventure During the Etude House 20% off Grand Sale (^_^)

I know, I said I'm not going to show haul posts anymore, but I'm just happy and quite satisfied with my purchases during this 1st day of the grandsale. I stuck to my word that I will not go crazy buying everything I see in the shop. I just picked out the things that I will really use and the colors I still don't have in my collection. I'm quite proud of myself that I really did a "controlled haul". (^_^)

Mr. Panda Eyes bravely accompanied me in the shop (which is not populated with people woohoo! It really pays to be early!) eventhough he feels quite iffy and scared with the PINKNESS of the ambiance...that's why I love him...hahaha! He even asked me, "If the SA always says "welcome princess" to every female that enters this place, would they call me princess too?" hahahaha! yes, I laughed out loud when he asked that with a half scared, half embarrassed look on his face. Don't worry, he survived the whole shopping trip with all his organs still intact...hahaha!

The cashier in the shop who's already familiar with my face, graciously included a free 2NE1 CD (not really a fan, but not a hater either) with my purchase...I was wondering why she gave this to me because as I remember, I have to purchase P3000 worth of  products before I can get the CD. I only purchase way less than P3000...Maybe, they give this to their "suki"? I don't know, but thanks anyway! hehehe! 

Speaking of sales assistant (in their SM North Edsa branch), I really like their attitude towards their customer. In my experience, the sales assistants that are already familiar with me, are actually GENUINELY friendly and they have also observed that I don't like being followed around. They give me enough space to browse, but they are also there if I have any questions about a product. At least one or two of them gives me their honest, but fair opinion about the products that I ask about and I love that kind of attitude, it's very rare to come across that kind of SA. They're the ones who can make me purchase even an expensive product because I feel that they are GENUINE with their opinion. I say, give them a raise!

Before Mr. Panda Eyes and I went outside the shop, we were asked by a pretty lady if she could take a picture of us just for documentation purposes. I think she's going to post the pics in the Etude House FB account or maybe her blog...I don't know, but I politely said no because Mr. Panda Eyes looked like he's about to cry and run at the same time. He really looked so scared. I quite pity him at that time. hahaha!

and besides, I'm not ready for a picture taking session because I'm not "wearing" my best face yet! hahaha! no, just kidding! I just want to stay anonymous as much as I can...hehehe!


  1. omg, i wonder how I can earn that 2ne1 cd?! ;A;

  2. I guess, you need to spend at least 2k to get the 2ne1 CD. (^_^)

  3. great buys....You have such a supportive panda.....

  4. Beautiful stuff you got ;) I <3 2NE1, I would be too happy haha xx

  5. Welcome princess? That's so... precious!

  6. OMG, that's a lot!!! Love your etude picks!

    btw, thanks for following my blog, I followed you back.

  7. @hollie: haha! my husband told the same thing to me when I was shopping for these too...hahahaha!

    thanks for following! (^_^)