Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Skincare Update and Rant

Before I start my rant, I would like to inform you readers that just because this product did not work for my skin, doesn't mean it will not work on you too and vice versa.

As you all know (if you've been reading my blog), I bought the Avon Rejuvenate line February this year and started using the skincare line April this year after I've finished up my Nivea day and night creams (which are also a big fail).

During the first few tries of the products, I thought it was fine. I did not have any breakouts, my skin was soft, etc. My only complaint about this product was that it made my face bit oily after 1-2 hours and it slides off my face and feels a bit uncomfortable during hot weather.

Even though my gut is telling me not to use the products anymore because it's making my face oily (which I hate so much!), I still continued to use it thinking that maybe my face is oily because I started using the Avon Rejuvenate line during the summer months.

Now it's already July and 1 typhoon (Basyang) has past this week....I give up....I stopped using the Avon Rejuvenate line yesterday (July 14, 2010). I noticed that my skin was slowly turning from bad to worse.

Normally, I have combination skin (normal-oily), but now, my skin has turned to super oily.

Normally, I don't have large pores on my cheeks, but now, I can see my pores!! F***!!!

Normally, I have (quite) clear skin and don't have major breakouts unless it's the time of the month and when I do have breakouts, it's usually on my forehead..never on my cheeks and chin....Now, I just had 3 pimples on my chin, 4 on my forehead, 2 on my upper lip...WTF!!!

Yep! I'm so pissed!!!

Good thing those products works great on my mother so I'll just give the whole Avon Rejuvenate line to her.

Now, I'm starting to use the Freesky Pearl Cream that my mother bought from China. With a cream that expensive, it freaking better be worth it..or else..