Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review/Swatch: NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink and Citrine

I hope not everyone's tired of me doing swatches and reviews of NYX products. I just love their products because most of their products are of great quality for the price. I'm also trying to finish posting reviews about the NYX products that I haven't posted yet, so just bear with me.

NYX Black Label lipstick
This is a step up from their usual NYX round lipstick. From the packaging, design and formulation, this thing looks and feel way better. Of course, this has a higher price point than the former.

Current Price:
P250-P300 depending on where you buy it and if there is a sale going on.

Place bought:
digitaltraincase (they already have a personal website where you can shop premium, hard to find and makeup for professional artists online since multiply has closed down already)
at the moment, I don't see the lipstick from the black label line in stock from their online store.

carton sleeve
actual lipstick

When I bought this, it came with a carton sleeve with nice lace designs at the sides. The product has a good weight to it and it doesn't feel "cheap" as compared to their round lipsticks.

The colors that you see at the bottom of the tube is the same as what you see on the actual lipstick bullet so it's easier to navigate what color you want in your lipstick stash. 

it has a nice, faint, fruity scent to it. It actually reminds me of a candy called Frutella.

ingredients are both indicated on the carton sleeve and on the lipstick cap so that we don't have to keep the carton sleeve after.

it glides on easily, but unlike the NYX round lipstick, it has a better adhesion/staying power on the lips to avoid feathering or smearing which I have experienced with some NYX round lipstick in the past.

very pigmented especially for the bolder colors like "citrine" which can act as a stain as it wears off your lips.


full-on application

applied sparingly

Hot Pink
full-on application

applied sparingly