Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Skinfood Misses....Pic Heavy...

Just going to continue reviewing my other skinfood purchases that I got last skinfood sale. I wasn't consistent in updating my reviews because I became lazy. Plain and simple. hahaha!

The good news is, I found my receipt from skinfood!!! I could update about the prices of my purchases on my past post about another hit and miss from my skinfood items.

Here's the link:

On with the review!!! Just click on the photos to have a better look.

Skinfood Choco Melt Lip Tube

What's written in the tube:
"Lip gloss that is silky and transparent provides chocolate flavor." 
The other are written in Korean so I can't understand what it says.
Seriously, I want to know what's the idea behind creating other color or variants of this lip tube if they all look transparent?? and it doesn't feel close to silky...more like sticky...

I got this shade (if there's any) in #3

- it lasts quite long on your lips because of its quite sticky consistency.
- got it on sale for just P272.50 from it's original jacked up store price of P545.00
- tube looks cute.
-not drying, but not moisturizing just....sits there...

- the consistency is quite sticky...yes, I've said that for the 3rd time already.
- it doesn't smell like chocolate. it smells like plastic!!! I can even taste the plastic-ky smell sometimes...
- it does not give any color or tint!! you know I hate lipgloss that doesn't have pigmentation!!!
- if you buy this in there original price, you'll going to regret it big time...

Will repurchase:
- NO, even if this is the last lipgloss on earth.


Natural light:

With flash:

 No pigmentation at all...I should have applied my lipbalm instead.

What it looks on the tube:

Natural light:

W/ flash:
it looks good in the tube, but it turned out to be a total disappointment.

Alternative use for this? (so it won't go to waste)
- I use this lipgloss sometimes as a base for the pigment of my lipstick to stick on to because it has a sticky consistency. The lipstick pigment usually lasts longer. 

Skinfood Fondue Shadow in #3 (Gold color)

- cute packaging.
- nice color in the tube...I love gold eyeshadows.
- got it on sale for 247.50 from P495.00

I really want to like this, but this really cannot work out for me because...

- it creases like a MF!
- it's glittery when blended!!! Chunky glitter!! I hate glitter in any form! the shadow in the picture is not blended yet, but if you look closely, you could see the chunky glitters...if you can't then that's my camera's fault...hahahahaha!
- it gives good pigmentation when applies, but after 5 mins. the pigmentation is almost gone! and it creases like a MF!!!
- small amount of product for the price like what you see in the picture.
- the sponge tip is kinda unhygienic in the long run.

Will I repurchase?
Never again.

Alternative use for this? (so it won't go to waste):
- Maybe I'll give this to my niece to play with.

Skinfood Creamy Gloss Lip in 308

has a standard doe foot applicator:

- this lipgloss has better pigmentation (if you layer it on) compared to the Choco lip tube, but if you put it on lightly, it will still look transparent.
- got it on sale for 237.50 from 475.00
- not drying, but not moisturizing only sits on the lip.

- smells like plastic!! has a stronger plastic-ky smell compared to the Choco lip tube.
- doesn't have any pigmentation of you applied it have to gunk it up your lip!
- expensive original price.
- also feels as sticky as the Choco lip Tube.

Will I repurchase?
- Never

Alternative use for this?
- I also use this as a lip base for my lipstick so it will last longer.


Natural light:

W/ flash:

Hope this was in depth enough...


  1. ahhhh! thanks for all swatches pic, I really2 abig fan of skinfood brand too^^

    please check out at my blog @

    and followed you^^

  2. thank you! (^_^) My only favorite so far from skinfood is their mushroom bb cream, but the others I've reviewed are already misses...

  3. sorry to read about your not so pleasant buys..
    even on sale, they are still pricey back in the philippines... too bad really...
    i never liked skin food's lip products.. their make up line aren't really good..
    i like their hair care products though, the only stuffs i now buy from them.
    i hope you get to try Nature Republic, it's a new make up line being endorsed by Rain. it's another drugstore type make up and skin care line here but my friend and i definitely love their products...

  4. @Jehan: I've read many great reviews about Nature Republic too. The problem is, I don't have any access of their products as of now. I don't like buying in ebay and is my only source of online shop that I have tried. A few online shops offer limited choices of Nature Republic products and they sell at a very ridiculous high price.

    So maybe I'll try Nature Republic next time if I could find a shop that offer products at reasonable prices.