Monday, September 20, 2010

Collective Mini Hauls: makeup and skincare

I've been a very controlled spender this past 2 months because of 2 reasons:

1.) I've been investing my money on my skin treatments from my dermatologist and so far, even though I'm very low on cash at the moment and visiting my derma every 2 weeks is already killing my wallet, I'm happy with the results that I'm getting from my treatments.

2.) I don't want to put on too much makeup nowadays. One mistake I've made in the past when I still have a very clear skin is that I shouldn't have used any kind of foundation even bb cream because I don't need one. Sunscreen and a bit of powder will do.

So because of that, I've been spending more on necessities, but I still find a budget to buy my favorite makeup which are lipsticks and some eyeshadows.

I bought 2 things from Watsons which are my only necessities so far besides the prescription products from the derma. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA +++ (P460.00)
and Celeteque Facial Moisturizer (P129.00)

So I bought a dry-touch sunscreen from Neutrogena for oily skin and so far, I don't have any kind of bad reaction to it. Thank God! I was recommended to purchase a Cetaphil Sunscreen, but I've read reviews about it that it can be quite oily after a few hours on the face. I don't like oily stuff. (will do a review on this)

I also bought Celeteque Water-based moisturizer for sensitive skin instead of Cetaphil which again I don't like and I'm glad that I followed my gut to buy this. I'm happy and content with it so far. (will do a review on this)

and my biggest splurge so far...
My Urban Decay  Alice in Wonderland I bought online for P4300.00 (shipping included) it's very expensive that I'm quite content to not buy another palette for now.

 then I bought an ELF powder brush online from digitaltraincase which is sold at P235.00 (yes, it's more expensive to purchase ELF here in the Philippines) because there were so many great reviews about it 'till now. I always let a hype die down first before I will know if the product is really worth buying and in this case I guess it is worth it.

and another addition to my lipstick collection are my red lipsticks (P160 each) from NYX and a Megashine lipgloss (P260) which I also bought online from digitaltraincase. (swatches will be shown in the near future)

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