Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Collective Reviews on Saizen Products

As you all know, I've purchased some Japanese products (all of the products are woth P85.00) in Saizen in the past month out of curiosity especially when I heard a guy telling his wife that the products were a piece of sh*t...it kinda turned up my curiosity a notch higher just to prove that SOB (s*n *f * B*tch) wrong. I mean why are you inside the Saizen store if you don't like their products? hater much, HOMEBOY?!

So I'm going to make a quick review on my purchases that I've already used and have been using until now. They are surprisingly USEFUL to me.

Eyebrow scissors and comb
A bit weird, but this really help me groom my brows easier than before! I don't have a hard time maintaining my brows anymore.

Eyebrow stencil
the stencil doesn't really fit my face shape, but it still useful for other girls who wants to fill in their brows with an eyebrow pencil.

oil blotting paper
it really absorbs excess oil on my face. it contains more sheets than other oil blotting paper that I've tried.
nail art brush and dotter
I've yet to try the brush, but the dotter is very easy to use.

Nintendo DS lite Protection Film
I thought this would be a SCREEN protector, but I guess this is just a dust protector..it's still alright with me.

Key Cover
this is my favorite! cute-si-fy my boring set of keys. I think I'm gonna buy more of this. It also helps me grip my key better when I'm unlocking something.

Point brush
you have no idea how useful this is in cleaning my son's water container. My son's water container has some kind of contraption for the straw which pops up when open (he likes complicated things) that is hard for me to clean even with a brush. I was very worried because I can see a bit of dirt forming at the hard to reach corners of the container. I'm glad I've found this and it really cleaned the corner of the water container. (^_^)

plastic organizers
These help me organize our pencils, pens and all kinds of art stuff. Here's a photo of how I used them.
the smaller container contained all of our pencils...why do we have so many? because I love writing and drawing stuff..Some of my pencils go way back when I was still in elementary...I didn't use some of the pencils back then because it was too cute for me to use so I let my son use all of my pencils instead...hahaha!
The crayons are for my son and the Oil Pastel is for me...I've done oil pastel painting since I was in high school. You could tell my son and I love colors, but Mr. Panda Eyes isn't good on colors..he's more of a computer geek/wiz.
the larger conatiner contains all of our backup pencils, erasers and pens. Yes, we love school and office supplies..hahaha!

Tie band
This one is for Mr. Panda Eyes. He isn't really very organized with his computer cables, etc. which annoys me most of the time (generally because he isn't an organized person at all) and it drives me MAD!! So I gave him this to use for his cables and cords.

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