Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NYX Powder Blush in Summer Peach and Comparison w/ Pinched

Another NYX Powder blush review. You can tell that I love them because of it's quality, pigmentation and affordable price.

NYX powder blush in Summer Peach
I haven't really seen any swatches on this powder blush when I was planning on purchasing it at that time. I think this was one of the recent blushes that NYX have released during the summer (in the US) last year? I don't know...

all I know was I'm quite curious to take the plunge in buying it (or any other product that interests me) even though I haven't heard/read about it. The more unhyped the product is, the better, at least for me...hahaha!

Place bought:
online at Digitaltraincase (link on my sidebar)

Price when bought:
- P259 (prices subject to change...just check her site every now and then.)

it looks kinda like the peachy version of NARS Orgasm in the pan. No, I don't have any NARS blushes (yet), but I've seen a ton of photos and swatches of that famous blush that I got tired of lemming for it. Anyway, the shimmers in the blush is not gritty or chunky in anyway.

- affordable
-readily available
- the shimmers are not gritty and doesn't look chunky when applied on the cheeks. It just looks like you have a healthy peachy glow...very cliche' I know. The shimmers are not really in-your-face unlike the NYX powder blush in Pinched (refer to the swatches).
- lasts long on my cheeks


- If you have the NYX Powder blush in Pinched, you would actually be surprised that it looks similar to the NYX Summer Peach when you look at it in person, but if you look at it very closely and swatch it side by side, they're really different from one another.

In the Pan:
Summer Peach
- peach color with golden shimmers

- pinky peach (more pink) with silver shimmers

at first glance, they look very similar, but if you look closely, Summer Peach is a true peach color that has golden shimmers while Pinch is a pinky peach (more on the pink side) color with silver shimmers.


(all pictures are "clickable" to enlarge)

As you can see, there's a big difference in the color and how the shimmers are distributed when applied on the skin. The shimmers of Pinched is more obvious than the Summer Peach which just looks like a subtle golden sheen. 

I did not swatch this heavily.

Will I repurchase?
Definitely. especially the other colors I still don't have. (^_^)

NYX Powder Blush in Terracotta

It may look like a shimmery bronzer in the pan, but trust me you'll love this as a blush, especially if you're on the medium, warm skintone. Since I'm sickly/sallow pale brown (yes. pale, but brown) most of the time, I grabbed the opportunity to try this out, thinking it would make my skin look healthy at least...and I was not disappointed. Kudos to me, I trusted my "INKSTINKS" (INSTINCTS) this time. hahaha!

NYX Powder Blush in Terracotta

And yes, this was included in my NYX haul (along with other NYX stuff that I haven't reviewed until now..haha!) last Dec. when my trusted online seller was having a promo on her NYX on hand items.

Place Bought:
online through Digitaltraincase (link on my sidebar)

Price when bought:
- I bought this during the sale, but you can still purchase this at a lower price if you place your orders during her pre-order period. I don't know if that's still ongoing, just check her site.

at first glance, it just looks just like a shimmery bronzer, but on my cheeks, it looks amazing as a blush. I use this if I want a healthy flush of color on my cheeks without going for the usual matte red, pink or orange. I never did use a strong color on my cheeks anyway since I usually do either a bold lip color or a bold eyeshadow color.

-applies smoothly
-very pigmented.
-affordable and readily accessible.
-gives you a healthy glow
-lasts long on my cheeks

-I don't think it will suit people with very pale skin. It will, but you have to be very light handed when applying this blush if you have very pale skin. (updated: April 23, 2014)

as always, all of my pictures are "clickable" to enlarge