Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NYX Powder Blush in Terracotta

It may look like a shimmery bronzer in the pan, but trust me you'll love this as a blush, especially if you're on the medium, warm skintone. Since I'm sickly/sallow pale brown (yes. pale, but brown) most of the time, I grabbed the opportunity to try this out, thinking it would make my skin look healthy at least...and I was not disappointed. Kudos to me, I trusted my "INKSTINKS" (INSTINCTS) this time. hahaha!

NYX Powder Blush in Terracotta

And yes, this was included in my NYX haul (along with other NYX stuff that I haven't reviewed until now..haha!) last Dec. when my trusted online seller was having a promo on her NYX on hand items.

Place Bought:
online through Digitaltraincase (link on my sidebar)

Price when bought:
- I bought this during the sale, but you can still purchase this at a lower price if you place your orders during her pre-order period. I don't know if that's still ongoing, just check her site.

at first glance, it just looks just like a shimmery bronzer, but on my cheeks, it looks amazing as a blush. I use this if I want a healthy flush of color on my cheeks without going for the usual matte red, pink or orange. I never did use a strong color on my cheeks anyway since I usually do either a bold lip color or a bold eyeshadow color.

-applies smoothly
-very pigmented.
-affordable and readily accessible.
-gives you a healthy glow
-lasts long on my cheeks

-I don't think it will suit people with very pale skin. It will, but you have to be very light handed when applying this blush if you have very pale skin. (updated: April 23, 2014)

as always, all of my pictures are "clickable" to enlarge

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