Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review/Swatch: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I'm kinda late in the game when it comes to reviewing products especially from one of my current favorite drugstore brands, NYX. Besides that fact that I'm saving up for more important things, I'm becoming more picky when it comes to trying out products...comes with age?

I've always been eyeing NYX soft matte lip creams since its first launch last year (I think). I just never got around in purchasing them because I've read mixed reviews about it, but since there were so many online sales going on last Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012, I grabbed the opportunity to try the lip creams myself AND buy some more NYX stuff besides these lip creams (yes, reviews and swatches to follow).

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
When these were on sale, the other colors were sold out almost instantly after being posted online. It was hella crazy!!! So I only got 2 colors.

- the cap is rubberized, same feel as what NARS packaging have.
- It doesn't feel and look cheap when you see it first hand. 

(As always, all of my photos in my blog are clickable to enlarge)

Place bought:
online at Digitaltraincase (link on the side bar)

How much:
at that time it was sold on sale for P250. I think you can still purchase it for P250 if you order during their pre-order period.

Before I do my usual swatchfest, I'll just give an outlined review about these lip creams.

- it has the consistency that's the same as a cake frosting. It has a lightweight, creamy almost mousse-y texture.

- affordable and easily accessible since I've seen so many online sellers sell Nyx products nowadays.
- smells good
- nice, wearable color selection that can be worn by a wide range of skintones.
- feels nice on the lips upon application.
- love the colors. Most of them are very wearable for daytime.

- dries my lips (especially the outline of my lips) after 30 mins. or so.
- it's not as long lasting like a regular matte lipstick, at least for these nude shades. I've gotta try the darker shades and see if it lasts much longer than the nude ones.
- color fades unevenly on my lips.
- accentuates the lines and dead skin on my lips.
- slips and slides on my lips upon application.




Will I purchase again?
- even though these lip creams performed on the mediocre side, I think I'll still try the other much hyped up  colors in this lip range because I'm just like that. A curious cat. 

Yes, I think of these lip creams as a hyped up product that's why it's better for me to experience a product first hand to know if what other blog reviews say is true or it's just an exaggeration.


  1. Thanks for the review! The colours didn't look too bad but it's a shame that there were so many cons. I can't stand lip products that dry out the lips, especially accentuating the dry skin. We still haven't got any NYX products in the UK, i'm so jealous of everyone getting to try all their stuff! xX

  2. yep, too bad it dried up my lips pretty bad after using this, but I just love the color selection that they have...I'd recommend the NYX Black Label lipsticks though, because it did not dry my lips at all...haven't made a review about it yet...hahahaha!

    You can buy NYX products online since many people sell nyx products nowadays. (^_^)v

  3. I think NYX lip stuff is pretty good, I like their lip gloss a lot, I find with the lipstick it dries my lips out so I always wear gloss on top