Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life, Health and Everything in Between Sorta Update...

Hello hello!!!

No, I'm just here to check if my blog is still alive, and I guess it still is. hehehe!

Anyway, I think it's been quite close to a year since I've made reviews and done updates on my Atopic Dermatitis situation. I honestly don't know how to start, so I'll just type away and see where my updates are going!

Since I've passed the board exam and got a job right after that, I've no time to make reviews or even try new products. Another problem came up due to stress and my AD (atopic dermatitis). I'm still undergoing maintenance immunotherapy until now and I'm very glad that a month after I quit my job, I haven't had a severe AD attack until now.

Why did I quit my job?
first of all, for health reasons. I've been so stressed during work that I have no time to really take a rest. Hence, the frequent and severe AD attacks. Second, when I was about to plan to go back to work irregularly, I've found out that I'm going to have another baby again and I can't risk being in a very stressful environment while I'm pregnant.

How about AD during pregnancy?
I've asked my doctor about it and luckily, I"m already on my maintenance dose so it's safe to still continue immunotherapy while I'm pregnant. I've also read some article stating that having maintenance immunotherapy will also benefit and somewhat give immunity to the unborn child to any future allergens that my trigger AD to the offspring. At least, that is what I understand in an article I've read somewhere in the internet (I wouldn't recommend trusting the internet 100% and just ask your doctor about it).

If you're planning to START immunotherapy for AD while pregnant or planning to be pregnant very soon, I suggest to wait a while longer before having a baby because it is not safe to have it all at the same time.

What's up with my current skin condition?
I'm still very, very choosy when it comes to trying new products on my skin and I still prefer skincare products that are either scentless or has a very faint scent. Products that has a very strong scent is already banned in my stash. This rule is the same with cosmetics that I buy.

It has been months since my last AD attack (I guess I'm officially on remission, thank God!) and my skin did a 360 degrees on me again ever since I became pregnant. From my skin being very dry, flaky but blemish free, it turned into a very oily, very blemished monster. My face is currently ruined by acne scars and current acne due to hormones caused by pregnancy. Well, you can't have it all ya know. I just hope, my face survives this dilemma without creating craters after have this hormonal acne. Another bad thing about this is that I can't use my usual adapalene on my face since I'm pregnant. I just have to be patient and be brave about this until this is over. I hope after my pregnancy, my acne will go away...My acne is worse right now than the last time I've been ranting about it.

Will I be making more reviews after this update?
I'm not sure since I've been a very lazy couch potato ever since my pregnancy...I love sleeping even more than when I was not pregnant...oohh, what pregnancy can do for ya..haha! I can't also try products right now
due to my condition, but I'll still try to post once in a while since I haven't done a single review of the products I've already used way before. I've already used up so many products that I already threw away most of them since I cannot guarantee if I can still have time to make reviews often. If I have time, I will make some, if not, then better luck next time...Oh well, that is life.