Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Lip Care Cream in Shea Butter

 After all the lip balm/treatments that I've tried (and some of it, I haven't thought about making a review), this Lip Care Cream by The Face Shop is the best lip balm, so far, that I've ever used!

This is a life saver for me. Everytime I have dry, chapped and flaking lips, I would always reach for this. A thing I don't usually do to other lip products.

One of the reasons why I took a break at lip swatches of my lipstick collection is because I really had a bad case of dry lips that it tends to flake especially at the outline of my lower lip and it really looked very ugly. I also noticed that since my lips were very dry, the lines on my lips increased...really horrible.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take a picture of my very dry, chapped lips before using the TFS lip care cream because, honestly, I wasn't expecting anything amazing or special about this lip treatment. What I only desperately needed and wanted was something good enough to moisturize my lips...

I only got the chance to take a picture of my ugly lips on the 1st month of using TFS lip care cream...
for me it was a big improvement, though my lips were still flaking a bit. I'm always anemic so there's nothing new about my sickly pale, gray lips.

...and yes, even EOS lip balm, Chapstick (haven't reviewed) and Burt's Bees lip balm (haven't reviewed this yet) couldn't remedy that problem. I'm not saying that EOS, Chapstick and Burt's Bees lip balms weren't good, it worked just average to me and it really did not give me what I needed.

This underrated, unpopular lip care cream really surprised me. It performed with flying colors!!!

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Lip Care Cream in Shea Butter
with my cute mascot.

Place bought:
The Face Shop (Sm North Edsa)

Current Price:
P265 (very affordable especially for the amount that you're getting in one tube = 13ml)

I chose the number two which is Shea Butter. Number 1 is their Vitamin C variant which I also bought as a backup because I love it so much.

I not totally convinced if this thing really is straight up Shea Butter in a tube, but it looks like the color of shea butter while the Vitamin C variant looks like a clear light orange cream.

I don't know the real smell of a true shea butter, all I can describe is that this smells like caramel candy. Doesn't really bother me, since the smell isn't overpowering and it only lasts for a few sec. to a min. Best of all, I can't taste the scent of the product like some other lip products out there that smells so strong, you can taste the scent of it. It can really make me gag after a few mins.

I haven't opened my Vitamin C one, but I smelled the tester in the store and it smells like an orange fruit candy. very sweet smelling, but again, I prefer products that I put on my skin to be scentless/fragrance free 'cause I have really sensitive skin.

the tube has a slanted tip that is great in dispensing and spreading the product on my lips.

when applied (thick or thin), it goes on colorless which is great for me because I use this more often at night since it doesn't have any spf.

not sticky and feels like a light moisturizing liquid balm. It also feels very smooth on the lips.

sometimes I put on more than enough to soak my lips with the lip care cream then I massage it in after a few mins. to remove the flakes and other dead skin cells. It really gives me a "very smooth feeling" lips. It's like my very gentle lip exfoliator minus the abrasive particles. Works really well for me.

There is only one CON for this product:
it's the packaging.
After using this religiously every night for 7 months, the packaging seems to have "cracked" on the side. I've seen a review also complaining about this. This may happen to you too especially if you're like me who likes to squeeze the tube from the bottom-up like a toothpaste.
Oh well, it's quite annoying sometimes, but I'm almost finished with this anyway. I'll even cut this and scoop out the remaining product inside then transfer it to another container because for me, it's really THAT GOOD.

After months of consistently using The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Lip Care Cream
There's a big improvement on my lips compared to the previous picture above.
Sorry for the wet hair. hehehe!

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