Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swatches: NYX Powder Blushes (Part 2) (Cinnamon, Pinky and Red)

Got another set of NYX blushes when there was a cosmetic bazaar/exhibit going on last September.

I went straight to Digitaltraincase's booth to check out NYX items first hand, for the first time. It was also my first time to see Sol (the owner of the shop) personally, though I did not introduce myself anymore because I'm a wimp hahaha! and she and her BF? is kinda busy at that time too.

 I was originally planning on purchasing the NYX lip creams, but at that time, most of the colors I would purchase were out of stock. I just got 3 powder blushes since I haven't hauled any NYX products for a while now.

All images are "clickable" to enlarge

Place bought:
Cosmetics Exhibit/Bazaar in SM Megamall

How much:
P300 each

I'll just post swatches of the blushes since we all know that NYX powder blushes are really of good quality for the affordable price.

All pictures were taken under Natural Lighting:


A very bright orange. I love this.

A very bright pink.

of course, a very bright red. This blush is a "true red" color.

Desert Rose is more of a "berry red" color
Mocha is more of a "brick red" color.


as you can see, Cinnamon looks great on tanned skin. Used the top part of my arm, the one usually more exposed to the sun as an example.

will look natural on fair skin. Used the part of my arm not usually exposed to the sun.

I think this will look great on any skin color, depending on how you apply this.