Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Migamsu Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Cream

Another review about cleansing creams...woot! woot!!

2 consecutive reviews about cleansing creams...I guess, I'm catching up.

I really have to catch up since I already have finished up this cleansing cream from The Face Shop 3 months ago!!! hahaha! Yes, I'm currently using the Ponds cleansing cream already. (^_^)v

I bought this during the last months of last year. I remember using this for approximately 6-8 months. It's hard using up a huge tub of cleansing cream ya know! but I'm a trooper and finished it all up anyway.

The Face Shop Migamsu Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Cream
This was in one of my wishlist ever since I became a fan of Asian cosmetics and skincare. I remember wanting this because my younger brother gave me a sample of their Brightening Rice Water Facial Cleanser which I also fell in love with, but I'm a bit scared to try because my skin reacts quickly with soap based cleansers nowadays. ooh! but I would still love to try that! haha!

Again, this comes in a huge tub.

Place bought:
SM North Edsa

P455.00 still a bit expensive for me, but the amount you get makes up for it.

Ingredients and description of the product: (you can click to enlarge)

as you can see, the tub is really huge (in diameter). Another thing that draws me to this is the packaging. Yeah! I'm a sucker for that too. It's simple, but it's clean and elegant looking. Of course, anything related to rice, tea and other herbal-ly things really draws my attention.
side view

bottom view

open it up and you can see a thin plastic lid that is helpful in keeping the contents from spilling everywhere and making a mess.

- like a light lotion. not too runny, but not too creamy either.

- love it. it's does not necessarily have a "rice" scent. I has a very mild powdery scent that is not overpowering while you massage it on your face.

- can be bought in The Face Shop stores.
- does not sting my skin.
- removes makeup quite well. This is at par with my Skinfood cleansing cream. You have to massage the product for at least a minute to emulsify it. You'll know that your makeup has been "melted" off when the product feel slippery on your face.

- quite expensive
- stings my eyes, not recommended to remove eye makeup.

- Comparing the cleansing ability and the cleansing time, Pond's cold cream still beats all of my other cleansing creams.

Cleansing Time:
Ponds = a few seconds
The Face Ship Migamsu = at least a minute

Cleansing ability:
Ponds = removes everything in one go.
The Face Shop = sometimes, I have to go over for the second time just to be sure that I removed my makeup completely. (in cases where I use too much makeup...hahaha!)

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