Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nature Republic Store Here in the Philippines Already?!!! and Things You Need to Know Before Going There

I did not know until I visited SM The Block (SM North Edsa) today!!! I go there almost every week, by the way.

I was just roaming around the mall with my family after doing some groceries and viola! I looked up from the main floor and saw a NATURE REPUBLIC FLAGSHIP STORE at LEVEL 4 of SM THE BLOCK just across WADE STORE.


So I literally dragged Mr. Panda up the escalator to the Nature Republic Store...It seems like they just opened their store this month because they are still having some promo or something. I was not planning to buy anything so I did not purchase FOR NOW. I just looked around and I'm very happy to tell ya'll that their price range is just the same as Etude House.

I remember seeing some of the SKINCARE line that are priced approximately for less than P500!! Of course the other premium products they have are priced a bit higher than that.

And because I'm a lip product fiend, I'm more interested in their lip products and saw the Petite Rouge for only approximately P250!!!

I also love their packaging!!!

Their most affordable nailpolishes are priced at P65!!! The packaging looks like a Paul&Joe dupe...clean looking, elegant and feminine, but not over the top.

BUT!!!! I'll give you some heads up about what I've observed in the store:

------ Since the store is still new, some of the sales ladies are still not that well informed about their products, so if you're going to buy something, research it from the internet. Less hassle and no awkward moments with the new SA. Let's give the SA's a chance to get to know their products more.

I asked a SA awhile ago about one of their lip and cheek products because I happen to find the lack of variety in colors. (I already own almost all of their lip and cheek products, so I know!!!)

 I asked her if there is only one color available for the lip and cheek product that I'm interested in and she said, "yes!". I asked again, "When will the other colors be available?" Then she looked at me, puzzled at my question, and said there is no other color except the one on the shelves and she did not know there are still other varieties available for that product. Then I slipped and told her, "I already have almost all the colors of that product, so I know.".............then, I did not know who was more embarrassed. Her, for not knowing or me for being very UNCONSCIOUSLY straightforward.

To the SA who accompanied me today, I'm so sorry. I did not mean to sound rude. I promise to make it up to you next time I visit. I already know what to purchase so you won't have a hard time convincing me. v(^_^)v

I'm proud to say that I've never been rude to salesladies eventhough I'm cranky or the SA is a bit rude. So I'm sorry about what I said.

------Expect to be followed around by the SA. They will talk nonstop and encourage you to buy some of their products. Have patience and turn down a suggestion nicely. Eventhough you're starting get a bit annoyed.

------Not all products will be available to us here in the NR Philippine stores acc. to the SA. So if you want something and can't find it here, just purchase from our trusted, friendly online stores.

------Last, but not the least, enjoy browsing!!!!

***I know this is off topic but, I also passed by The Etude House store awhile ago, the lady guard already know my face so she smiled at me and I smiled back and waved at her. That really made my day because they really make a genuine connection with their customers! (^_^) I feel really at home in that Etude House branch...really ironic since I don't like pink...hahahahahahaha!

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