Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Pond's Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Surprise! surprise! I'm using a product from Pond's?!?! I'm even surprised myself...

I'm not really a fan of Pond's products. It's not that their products are not of good quality. It's just that their products doesn't work on sensitive skin like mine.

I already had 3 mishaps with their products in the past. I guess I got fed up even trying their new ones.

First mishap: Used a Pond's toner (pink one) and it stung mah face like a son of a B!

Second mishap: Used a Pond's toner (yellow one) and mah face went berserk. My face literally immediately broke into's like I was having measles. It freaked me out. I have to use some anti-histamines just to calm my allergy.

Third mishap: Used their Facial wash (the "carbon"/black one). After washing my face with that, my face went itchy and red.

So yeah, I got fed up...

But why, oh why, am I so stubborn to try another Pond's product again!?!?!

First, I thought that maybe the local Pond's product (manufactured in a neighboring Asian country) do not work for me (FYI, almost all products that is locally available in the Phils. is manufactured in other Asian countries. Maybe because it's cheaper to mass manufacture in those countries? I don't know)...Maybe the imported ones (made in Canada or US) have different formulation...

Second, I'm just stubborn that way.

What is my verdict with this "cold cream"?

Pond's Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover
This is not the "cold cream" that is usually available in our local supermarket or Watsons. I was right when I guessed that the Pond's products that are available here have different formulations than the ones imported from the US or Canada...the question is why??!?! This formulation is actually hard to find. You can usually purchase this Pond's cold cream (Made in US) from supermarkets that caters more on imported products like S&R, Cash and Carry, etc.

Place I bought this:

Current Price: short, it's worth P500. Yep, surprisingly expensive. But I guess, the actual amount that you get  is worth it for the price. Since this is a HUGE tub.

They actually have two variants of this cold cream. I think the other one is their "classic cold cream", but I bought the cucumber one since this smells better (and mild) for me than the "classic one".

for people who loves to freak out when they see something like Mineral Oil, Parabens, etc. this is not for you...but seriously, until now, I still don't get why people get scared of this "demonized" ingredients...Do they really understand the chemistry behind these ingredients that they are scared about? "what you don't fully understand is not necessarily bad for you. You just don't understand it. Period."

Simple packaging. Like the simplicity of the packaging.

The actual product. I've been using this for 3 months already and I still haven't gone through half of it!

Formulation Comparison (Local and Imported):
The cold cream that I have feels more like a light lotion compared to the ponds cold creams that are available locally (my mother owns the local version of the Ponds cold cream) which have a creamier consistency. It also has a "fresher", milder scent compared to the local cold cream that has an overpowering perfumey scent.

- This cold cream does an amazing job in melting away makeup. It actually surpassed the performance of my other cold cream that I have used in the past including my favorite which is the Skinfood Cleansing cream that I reviewed in the past.
- melts away my makeup in just seconds. I don't have to massage for a long time just to feel it working.
- it doesn't sting my face.
- I love the mild, fresh scent. I believe that other people with sensitive skin can use this sparingly.
- comes in a HUGE tub = great amount of product.

- not readily available anywhere. Quite hard to find.
- a bit expensive for a drugstore brand, but the amount you get makes up for the price anyway.
- It also melts off eye makeup even waterproof ones, but I don't recommend using it to take off eye makeup because it will sting the heck out of your eyes.

Will I repurchase?
- Yes, I will, but I'd like to try other cleansing creams in the market first before I go back to this. 


  1. Hi, and very nice review. My mother swears by Pond's cream but not this exact one. She just uses the moisturizer. Did this make you break out at all? It may not since you do rinse it off. I am scared to use it because creams usually make me break out. I usually use creams with no mineral oil or petroleum to moisturize my face (right now I use Hempz brand lotion on my face for the added hemp oil benefits). Sometimes I will dilute my facial lotion with water, or wipe some of it off because it feels to heavy..anyway, I was wondering if this made you break out? Thank you :)

  2. thank you! no, it doesn't make me break out at all and it doesn't sting my skin too. (^_^)

    I only use this to take off my makeup then wash away the residue of the cold cream afterwards. Hope my reviews help. (^_^)v


  3. That's interesting! Can you please share more about it? Thank you.

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