Friday, January 8, 2010

Oxygen 11:55 For Her eau de toilette

My brother gave me a gift card from oxygen last last Christmas (2008). I only had the time to use the gift card a day before the expiration date (Dec. 23, 2009) because I'm not really into fashionable clothes right now because I have too many clothes already.

I was really planning to buy jeans using the gift cards..unfortunately, My size is always sold out....which means people are getting big nowadays..hahahaha! I'm a fat my eyes that is...anyway...

My husband suggested that I could buy a wallet, but i also don't need he went to the perfume section and suggested this..I'm quite picky with perfumes because I don't like to smell generic...

Ya know! like in the past when Victoria Secret cologne/mist/perfume (whatever you call it) became too popular that everybody smells like the very famous "Love Spell"...It smells really good I know, I also have one of that which was given to me as a gift, but I became sick of it because the smell became generic. I never wore it anymore, I seldom wore it, if I feel like it.

Product: Oxygen 11:55 For Her eau de toilette

As usual, I also don't need that, but decided to buy it because it smells like Dolce and Gabbana light blue / DKNY at a cheaper price.

Price is approximately P300

I don't like strong smelling perfumes so this perfume is perfect! It doesn't smell strong even if you over spray (which sometimes happens to me)

I like the smell of perfumes that gives the impression of a laid back feel, clean smelling, simple but elegant. That's what I think about this perfume when I smell it. (Sorry if I'm terrible at describing smells)

 The perfume blends in with my body chemistry perfectly, it smells natural and not synthetic or chemically. Even if I sweat a lot throughout the day, I don't smell funky.

Of course like other perfumes, the smell fades throughout the day, but not to the point that it completely evaporates like you did not put any perfume on. It's still there on your skin.

Will I buy again: yes! this has been a part of my small collection of perfumes.


  1. is oxygen 11:55 for her still available nowadays? beacuse i couldn't find one here in Philippines. Hmmm.. :(

  2. The last time I checked, which was last month (during the great northern sale in SM north edsa), they still have that perfume in stock. I'll try to check again the next time I go there, bec. I'm also running out of this perfume. (^_^)v

  3. where can i buy this near cubao or where branch??

  4. Currently, I don't know if this perfume is still available in stores since I can't find it too and I'm running out of this perfume already. sorry.