Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Etude House Peach Water Gloss in Peach Milk

This is one of the 3 items that I've bought in Etude House from my last haul and finally, I'm going to do a review on it...I've been very lazy lately.

Here it is:

Got it in Peach Milk (but it looks PINK in the bottle and on the lips).....I hate pink, not because I hate the color, but because it doesn't suit my personality.

Current Price: P298.00

Instead of a doe foot applicator, this lipgloss has a slanted heart-shaped applicator. It still works the same as the doe foot type. So nothing special.

To my surprise, this lipgloss actually looks great on my lips. I can even wear this alone w/o applying a lip concealer underneath ( I have very pigmented lips...not the pink or red type of pigmentation, but BROWN!) Deym!! I wish I could tattoo my lips someday so that it could be "uni-skintoned" (if that's even a word!)

Here's my bare lips:

Inner part of lips: Pale (because I'm anemic)
Outer part of lips: brown, toasted and burned by the sun to perfection..hahahahha! ( I was very dark when I was a kid because I WAS very athletic. Now, my trusty computer and me are bestest best friends!)

Here's my lips with the lipgloss:

For the first time in my life, my lips looked light pink...very healthy, natural looking light glows and looks very youthful for the first time...hahahaha!

look at the difference! and I did not put anything, but the is actually very moisturizing too! my lips are always dry. I'm not a big fan of "tintless" lipbalms..


All of my photos here in my blog are not edited or photoshoped in anyway. All of it are raw photos. I'm not a fan of photoshopping..I don't even know how to use it...but I would love to learn how to use adobe photoshop someday! (^_^)


  1. Ooh, that's really pretty! I have a good feeling this will look nice on me too, we have similar skin tones! Now I want to get this too, but I've already spent so much at Etude this month. Maybe next month! >:D

  2. I think the lipgloss color will fit you better than when it's on me..hahaha! Tell me what you think about it if ever you'll buy next time! (^_^)...I forgot it has a fruity candy smell...

  3. Hi! I was at Etude House for the first time today and I bought a bunch of products. Skipped these lipglosses though because I thought they were too sheer. Based on this review, I was apparently wrong! Yours looks gorgeous. How long does it last though?

  4. I've also reviewed the other variety of the Etude House water gloss. (^_^) Others are sheer and others -- like this one (mentioned in the review) are not. The staying power of the gloss is just like any other glosses you've tried. So you still have to reapply it every now and then. I enjoyed re-applying the gloss because it also smells very nice (like peaches), not overpowering, but this gloss really moisturize your lips..One time, I forgot to apply a lip balm, so I applied the gloss and it moisturizes your lips for quite a long time actually. (^_^) thanks for taking your time reading my blog! (^_^)