Friday, January 1, 2010

Review: Etude House Plumping Lip Tint

Another one of the 3 products that I've purchased from Etude House in SM Megamall.

It's the Plumping Lip Tint. I got the pink one for a change..hahaha!

There are only 2 colors available in this line: PINK and RED.

I've so many red and orange lipcolors in my containers that I've decided to give pink a try...and I hate to say this, but I love it! I like how it fits me.

Usually pink doesn't suit me (and my personality) at all. So I don't really have many pink objects or clothes unless they're given to me as gifts.

Anyway, on with my review.


Current Price: P 348.00

- It's has a minty feel on the lips when applied (good for a hot, summer day)
- has a pretty sheen of pink to it.
- it's not sticky
- doesn't dry the lips...It actually moisturizes the lips!! ***I don't usually put lipbalm before I apply lipsticks, etc. So my lips are more often chapped and dry..I'm just lazy applying lipbalms.
- The pretty "shine" lasts quite long on the lips.
- It really doesn't plump the lip (you don't feel it plumping), but it gives the illusion of a slightly plump, healthy lips.
- cute spatula like applicator. Gives an even coat of the product.

Here's what it looks like:

- When you first apply it, it smells like medicine (smells like Bisolvon--it's a cough syrup haha!) or like a synthetic strawberry smell...yeah something like that. Don't worry the smell doesn't last that long and it doesn't really bother me at all.
- It has a very small packaging (don't be fooled with what's on the picture)...Yeah, it's cute, but I still want more quantity of the product.
- For me, it's kinda expensive for a little thing.

Wanna see what it looks like on mah lips?? Yeah, sure! Read the NOTE before proceeding.

- I have pale lips in general (because I'm anemic), BUT the outer part of my lips is quite dark and I hate it!!! So trying on nude lipsticks and lightly pigmented pink lipsticks looks FUGLY on me.
- My lips has a weird shape. It isn't noticeable in person, but on a very close up shot pic. It's very noticeable. Mah lips are not perfect.

So here is my bare lips:

No lipbalms whatsoever...very dry, quite chapped, quite dark..all that ugly things..hahaha!

Now, after I applied the Plumping Lip Tint.

Lovin' the product!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!

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  1. Oh, that looks great on your lips.. Well, I have the same kind of lips, and I'm worried about using pigmented lipstick or liptint or else, especially pink, since pink colour will eventually turn into purplish pink on my lips, and it's not flattering at all! But this pink stays pink! I like it! :D