Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: the Face Shop Nail Polish in BL604

Product: The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL604


It a very, very dark royal blue (looks like a very fine liquid metallic dark blue) which I love! (I LOVE DARK NAIL POLISH COLORS! ESPECIALLY BLUE ONES!) It looks almost like black from a distant glance.

- dries quite fast
- doesn't have the strong nail polish smell.
- color true to the bottle.
- the color is vibrant even w/o top coat.
- large quantity (11 ml in a bottle)
- lasts for a week or more!! (To think that I do heavy chores everyday!)

- quite expensive (P95, but I'm not complaining because i love dark colors!!!)

= Dark colors, especially blue (at least for me) will make your hands look whiter and elegant without looking emo. (no pun intended to emos)
= Want to try dark colors, but is scared of black? Try blue.
= Dark red (wine red, ruby red, true red, etc.) makes your hands look elegant, but older...try it. If you're in your teens to early twenties, paint a dark red color on your nails, it will look funny..Like you borrowed your mother's beautifully manicured hands. I've tried it many times and I still can't pull it off...Maybe when I'm 25..I'll try again...My sister-in-law can pull off this color already.

On with the pictures!!!

What it looks like in the bottle:

Natural light:

With flash:

What it looks like on nails:
(I forgot to take a picture of my nails with camera flash..sorry!)

Natural light:

Sorry for the following blurred pictures. I only used my camera phone to take pictures of my nails. As you can see, I'm going somewhere at this time..LOL!! Going to the mall!
Car moving!
Take 2

still blurred..hands courtesy of my husband because the car is moving.
Another one!
the background is clearer than my hand..hahaha!

With artificial light!
CLEAR PICTURE AT LAST! Shot taken by my husband.

See! my hands look whiter than it actually is with a dark blue color! This color never fails me!


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