Monday, February 1, 2010

Haul: Missha and Nyx stuff

This is quite a great day for me today. The reagent for the blood chemistry test was delivered at lunch time. Meaning I can finish my thesis before graduation! yey!!!

Another great thing that happened is that my order from digitaltraincase arrived today! yey! My first NYX lipsticks and cream blush is here! yey!

Review and swatches will be done in the future (^_^)

I also went to SM northedsa today with my husband while waiting for his car to finish from its maintenance checkup. This time, I took the chance to really really check out the prices and the products offered in MISSHA.

Sorry for the misinformation I gave last time at my MISSHA NAILPOLISH REVIEW. The prices of their nail polishes ranges from P120-P220. Sorry for the wrong approximation of prices...I can't stay that long in the shop last time because all sales ladies were kinda ambushing me in a nice way...You know what it feels like to be too accommodated inside a store especially when you're the only customer inside..I really want to be left alone when I go inside any store. If I need assistance, I will be the one to go to you.

Anyway, I bought their MINISIZE nail polish worth P120 which already is their most affordable line of nail polish.

Review and swatch in the future!

I hope they would still consider adjusting their prices a bit lower...or maybe put their store somewhere where many people pass by..curiosity always sparks cravings to a shopaholic for quality makeup and skincare like me and you!! yes you! (^_^)


  1. I agree....I like to browse the products alone and not be bombarded with sales talk. I think Missha people should let some of their customers browse in peace. hehe!

  2. you could check out their store in SM nothedsa if you're interested!(^_^)