Friday, February 26, 2010

Will be MIA for a while...Will be Busy Annoying Madame Butterfly until the Final Battle

 I need to do this for a while because I need to focus on the last part my thesis first.

I'm currently already almost finished (Thank God) with my thesis before going to my final battle (thesis defense) hahaha!

I'm also running out of time because vacant slots for thesis defense is already almost full. I have to hurry or would never finish this on time.

I'm very thankful to my professors/advisers for being so considerate all through out my thesis performance. If ya'll get the chance to read this, I love ya all! I'll never forget my mentors. (^_^)

I hope I could also give my remaining requirements for graduation to the power-tripping, bossy, bitchy office secretary (who never fails to embarrass students and is hated by her co-office workers) so she would shut the F up.

I don't mind that she reminds me everyday that I still have requirements to pass for my graduation, but the way she commands and talks to people is the problem! She is so f*ck*ng rude that I can't help, but raise my tone a bit when talking to her especially when my patience is wearing thin. I'm a busy person too ya know!

I wish one day (if that's even possible) she would learn to respect and treat others well.

Being older than me doesn't mean you have the right to abuse your seniority to command respect from me. Just because you're older doesn't mean we have no right to treat you the way you treat us. Respect should be earned, not forced.

If you don't know how to do that, then that's fine with me. I'm going to continue to give you a taste of your own medicine..with your low tolerance to rebellious students, I think I'm going to enjoy my last few weeks in college...hahaha!

If you want respect from me, then respect me too. Plain and simple.

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