Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review/Rant: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish in AGRO1

This is the 3rd Missha Nail Polish that I bought with the other 2 last December and this is the only time that I got the will to review this because I was so disappointed with this particular nail polish from the price up to the formulation. You can say that I'm pissed off..

Product: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish in AGR01


As you can see, the color is a very beautiful true gold. It actually reminds me of the gold paint that is used to re-paint faded chinese characters on tombstones in Chinese cemeteries. Odd, but I actually like the color.

The problem is, the nail polish formula is not smooth, but goopy and very sticky and making this particular polish a MATTE finish is a total FAIL! It's very hard to work with. One coat is already a nightmare! Look:

First application:

First application is very uneven! I already knew that the 2nd application would be ugly.

Second Application:

I was already frustrated with the formula! To think that this particular nail polish is brand new! I would understand if the nail polish is already old and used many times, but NO! this was the first time I opened this s...!

What made me more frustrated is because this nail polish line (Crystal nail polish) is the most expensive of all their polish lines! (I bought this for P220!!!!!) I wasted my money on this...

However! I will not generalize the formulation of other colors of nail polish in this line because I haven't tried it...yet! Yes! I will be fair for this line to prove that their that all of their formulation is not made of crap.

After 3-4 application, I was left with this beautiful MATTE, but very metallic almost foil-like color. Here it is!

The DOWN SIDE: because you have to apply a very,very thick polish several times just to get an even color as possible, you will see air bubbles on the nail polish when it dries. Look:

So whatever you do, the result would still be crap.

To prove that the formulation is a MAJOR FAIL:

very, very thick and goopy.

very, sticky-looking polish
looks glue-like

The only thing that I can appreciate with this polish is the unique paddle-like brush that is very handy to use especially for beginners. (If the formulation was good) and the unique trademark heart-shaped packaging.
Here's the pics showing you the brush:
flat side

side view

bottom of the nail polish bottle

the top of the bottle where you can see the white cap

- unique packaging
- unique brush
- wide variety of unique colors
- does not have a very strong smell

- formulation is CRAP
- very expensive (P220) and not worth the money (at least for this particular nail polish)
- hard to apply
- dries so quickly it's not helpful anymore
- oddly, creates gas bubbles because of the thick consistency of the polish

Here is the pics of the nail polish in the bottle:

Natural Light:

W/ Flash:
On nails:
Natural light: (w/o top coat on) MATTE finish

W/ flash:
Hope this helps!

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