Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll Resume Blogging Tomorrow. Not Today.

Yes! I'm telling that to myself a while ago.

I'm just here to check emails and stuff. I won't be reviewing products today even if I want to.

I have an exam tomorrow so I won't allow myself to be lazy again like last night.

But tomorrow after my exam, fun will resume again! hahaha!

I've done major wallet damage this week, but I'm excited to tell ya about my wallet damage adventures! hahaha!

Not really an adventure. I just bought things from Avon and some purchase from Etude House again!

After quite a while I get to visit Megamall again just because my husband needed an ink refill for his printer so I took the chance to go with him to buy goodies from Etude even if I'm not feeling well today...I just wish it wasn't out of the way from my house so it wouldn't be hard to go there...

OK! I'll start reviewing for my exam tomorrow...Wish me luck...

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