Saturday, April 30, 2011

OMG!!! Tony Moly has hit Philippine Shores!!!

Yes!!! As I've said in my last post, Tony Moly has hit the Philippine shores!

They've just opened a stall in SM North Edsa Department store TODAY!!!!

I am so lucky because the saleslady told me that they just opened their stall TODAY!! I said, "SERIOSO?!?!" ("SERIOUSLY?!?!").

I think the saleslady was telling the truth because they were still putting up stocks and making inventories and all of the testers are new and never been touched!!!! I was looking at the merchandise with a big smile on my face. Talk about looking like an idiot, but I don't care!

What made me smile all the more was that the prices of the Tony Moly products here in the Philippines is the same price, IF NOT, CHEAPER than Etude House products, but of better (I think) quality! AWESOME!!!

I prefer the simple, "utilitarian" with a bit of edgy kawaii style of packaging than a princess-y one. You could tell that I prefer Tony Moly products...hahahaha!

I checked their products and all of them are really affordable, I mean, where can you find a bb cream that has a price tag of P300+ full size?!? They are not even on SALE yet, what more if there is a SALE?!?! I forgot to look at the price of other bb creams they have, but P300+ is their cheapest!!

Their single eyeshadows that are really good quality are only less than P200.00!!!!

eyeliner, less than P150!!! crystal blusher, less than P300! Crystal Glam Color Gloss (comparable to The Face Shop's Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss), less than P400!!! more affordable than The Face Shop's one!!!  INSANE RIGHT?!?!?!

 I was too shy to take a picture of the stall and the products so I'm sorry if I can't remember every single price tag there, but trust me, the prices are so affordable!!!!

I am so ecstatic right now that I want to write in complete capital letters just to shout out my happiness!!! hahahahahaha!

I only bought a few stuff because I was in a hurry to go my birthday dinner, but I promise that I shall return to hoard buy more!!! Majolica Majorca will be my next target...hahahahaha!

I also bought a Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow on the side. I got the featured box mascot when my son entered the Cartoon Network Fun Fair that they were having in SM The Block awhile ago....hihihi!

Anyway, the saleslady told me that they will open a Tony Moly Store first in SM Fairview then, they will open a bigger Tony Moly store in SM North Edsa in JUNE!!! So, mark your calendar sistas!!!!


  1. aaaaaaaaahhh I love tony moly!
    tony's tint is epic~

  2. Cheaper than the face shop's rouge extreme, and just as good, you say? That gloss really intrigues me! I hope they open at SM Mega too!

  3. @lelila: I did not notice any nailpolish yet on display. Looks like they were still on the process of adding and arranging more stocks on shelves. I'm not sure if they are going to expand their stall in SM department store to make more room for added stocks because they're going to open a bigger store like the Etude House ones.

  4. @dee: for me, the two products are pretty similar, except that The Face Shop's Rouge Extreme has more variety, a bit more pigmentation, but the Tony Moly one is a bit less sticky. Try to the do a comparison of both products too. I haven't really done an in depth observation on both products so I can't really say if you can substitute The Face Shop's from the Tony Moly's. Maybe it's just good to have both? hahaha!(^_^)v

  5. @Dee: Did a test run of on the Tony Moly Crystal Glam Gloss and I would say that they are pretty much the same as the Face Shop's Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss. The Tony Moly one is also as pigmented. I guess I was wrong a while ago that the Tony Moly has less pigmentation than The Face Shop's.(^_^)v

  6. congrats for you, that must be so exciting and lovely haul you made!

    you have a great blog, I'm your newest follower!

  7. @pop champagne: wow! thanks for following! Sorry, if you'll see many errors when it comes to my grammar, etc. hehehe! I don't proof read my blogposts..hehehehe!

    I'm also a follower of your blog for quite sometime now. I love your sarcastic, but funny comments about hollywood celebs! epic! hahaha!