Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review/Swatch: NU/Nail Up Laser Glitter Color

Just want to share one of my favorite nail polish color, unfortunately, I don't like the scent of this particular nailpolish brand because it triggers my asthma as featured in my past rant here.

NU/Nail Up Laser Glitter Color

Weird description, but seriously, I love this color...I wish I could find a dupe of this.
the bottle looks a bit blotchy because I haven't used this for quite a while now...

If you see that shimmery thing over there...yep, my ring finger...I've layered my ring finger with the Elianto nailpolish 09 Lilac which I haven't reviewed yet..hihihi!
I always get compliments when I wear this nail polish, I just wish I could find a dupe for this.
The color is like a royal violet (is there such thing as a royal violet?!?!) or a deep violet with a hint of blue in it.

- locally available (bought it in Trinoma..I forgot the exact location of the stall sorry, but I've also seen this in Divisoria)
- cheap only P80
- true to color in the bottle.
- one coat is already opaque.
- dries quite easily.
- sometimes I don't need a top coat because it dries shiny.
-longlasting (last me a week and a half without chipping)

- triggers me asthma attack...I'm quite sad because this polish almost had what I want in a nailpolish..
- is one of the brand that was banned in other countries in Asia because it causes other health risk besides what I've experienced when using this.

this is me, wearing the nail polish. Sorry, I'm camera shy...hihihihihihihi!

I'm going to miss this nail polish...if you know a dupe for this, let me know!


  1. Skin Food has a similar color in their Juice Tox line (#7, if i remember correctly), but the formula is pretty weird. Then again, maybe I only have a bad bottle?

    I also think Orly has a similar color called Purple Charge.

  2. I'll check on the Orly one next time! thanks!

  3. @strawberryvanilla: no actually, I visit The Face Shop's store almost every weekend to check if there's a dupe for this, but there is not. I've also checked Orly Charged up, it may be similar to this, but it is not really an exact dupe.