Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Asthma-Triggering Nailpolishes and My Fave Nailpolish Remover (so far)

Last year, I remember hauling this cheap nailpolishes for only P80...I thought it was a good deal because the pigmentation and longevity of these nailpolishes are awesome, however, I forgot to observe if these nailpolishes could tolerate my asthma-prone lungs.

Obviously, it did not. It's such a shame that since I've had good experiences with Korean nailpolishes so far, these particular Korean brand failed. I've also read news that these polishes are one of the brands that were tested to have a very high content of benzene and other heavy metals...then I guess my lungs doesn't lie when something is wrong with these polishes.

On the brighter side, their nailpolish remover is awesome! It actually has the same smell as the Sally Hansen nailpolish remover, but for a cheaper price (P80) and what's great about this is that this did not have any kind of acetone smell...just a perfumey smell that, surprisingly, did not irritate my nose and lungs. So, if ever I found this nailpolish remover next time, I'm going to buy this! 

Comparing the smell of the nailpolish remover to the nailpolish removing performance, among Etude House, The Face shop and the BNC nail polish remover, the BNC wins! The Face shop in second place, and the Etude House in third (this smell like flowers for the dead). If I have more time, I'll have an in depth review about this next time.

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