Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review/Swatch: Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy (903b)

Another review and swatch from one of my past hauls...I'm sorry if this is starting to look like a lipstick review blog. It's just that lipstick is my favorite makeup item among all other makeup things...honestly, I could live without foundation and blush, but not lipstick...there's something about having color on my lips that makes me a bit happy and look less dead (because I'm anemic).

Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick in Just Peachy
As most of us know, this has been one of the matte drugstore lipsticks that has become a favorite to many (including me) because of its great color payoff, it's affordable and of course, it's matte. It's really hard to find matte lipsticks nowadays, I don't know why.

W/ flash:
I know you're wondering why the lipstick is a bit nicked on top...I had a hard time opening the plastic wrapping that I yanked it so hard, the lipstick flew across the room and the rest is history. I just remembered that the lipstick was separated into 2 about a super flimsy packaging.

Natural light:

- its super pigmented, just the way i like it.
- quite affordable (P299.00) .Wait for sales to purchase it for a cheaper price.
- true to the color in the tube. I have tried many lipsticks that looks peach or orange and then turns pink on my's very annoying.

- makes your lips dry so you have to moisturize the lips before putting this on.
- packaging is flimsy.
- the lipstick doesn't go all the way down the tube which makes it prone to nicks and "cap smears"
- the name of the lipstick is printed on the plastic wrapping and not under the lipstick packaging.


Natural light:

W/ flash:

Use a lip brush when applying this kind of lipstick instead of applying it directly from the tube straight across your lips so that, it won't look like some kid had fun coloring your lips with crayon. If you're lazy like me, just apply the lipstick straight from the tube with dabbing motions to build the color on your lips then blend the hard edges with your finger. Apply a bit of clear lipgloss if you want.

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  1. oh what a wonderful shade! I don't mind your lipstick reviews, I love them all! I am still looking for a peach-pink, pink nude lipstick myself ._.