Sunday, January 30, 2011

Collective Haul and Rambling: Etude House and Bobbi nailpolishes

Since the start of this year, I haven't been hauling much beauty stuff because...

- none of the new collections of makeup or skincare stuff really interest me right now.
- I have to finish so many makeup stuff, especially lipstick before I could purchase more lip products, but I doubt I won't be hauling lip products any time soon. haha!
- having 3 siblings, nieces and nephew with consecutive birth months after December has been taking its toll on my wallet...well, I prioritize on giving gifts to loved ones before my hobby so, they're very lucky to have me in the family don't ya think? hahaha! (good thing they don't know I have a blog...hihihi!)
- I am saving money for many things like gifts for my hubby and son, a dslr, new moisturizer/serum I want to try because I am running out of moisturizer, etc.
- I still have to make a review on stuff that I've accumulated in the past.

Anyway, after all that's been said, I still manage to purchase what I need for now like

eye makeup brushes, clay mask brush and nail polish remover from Etude House (I don't recommend the nail polish remover when it comes to its smells like flowers for the dead, but the "nailpolish removing performance" is quite good).

On the other hand, I purchased...well, I have convinced my husband to buy me these Bobbi nailpolishes (local product here in the Phils.) out of curiosity since they are so cheap (only P34-P35 depending on the formula if it's a regular or glaze collection). They are not asthma-inducing for me and contains no toluene (I've checked if the smell is overpowering and if the ingredients is written somewhere on the bottle). 

I think local nailpolishes here in the Phils. is coping up and improving their formula, quality and adding more variety in their nailpolishes which I really like. I guess they've noticed that they are way behind when it comes to what consumers want nowadays...we consumers can really get quite demanding aren't we? hehehe!

and I've also purchased this smoothing balm by Pantene just to try...I'm really not into haircare products and my haircare products only consists of shampoo and conditioner. I just want to try this if this can substitute conditioner when I'm running late and I have no time to condition my hair in the shower. I have tried this today and so far so...great!! Have I told you this smoothing balm smells SO GOOD it's not even funny...and my husband knows I'm very, very picky when it comes to liking scents. I'd rather my products to be not scented than to be scented, but this smoothing balm is love I tell ya!!! LOVE!!!

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