Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Haul/Review/Swatch of 2011: Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick in C22

Just bought this lipstick yesterday out of curiosity. I think I'm falling in love with Maybelline lipsticks. That being said, I think it would be a bad idea to collect everything since I still have tons of lipstick that I haven't finished up...I admit I'm a lipstick addict..hahaha!

On with my first haul/review/swatch - Maybelline Water Shine Pure w/ Natural Water + Minerals.

First of all, when did water become synthetic? really weird. Anyway, this lipstick is a far cry from my usual very pigmented lipsticks because it has a thinner consistency than the usual lipstick and has the appearance of a lipgloss finish, but is more pigmented than the usual lipgloss.

Unfortunately, this Water Shine Pure line is only labelled by an alphabet code and number code. I don't blame them, creating an original label for each lipstick is really hard nowadays especially when there are tons of lipsticks out there in the market.

Eventhough their packaging is made of plastic, it still looks sleek. I prefer this packaging than that of their Colorsensational Moisture Extreme line (which I've recently found out that it is an exclusively sold only here in Asia)

 Natural light:
This is the most orange-y lipstick that I could find in the whole Maybelline lipstick range. I think they should create more variety of orange-y lipstick instead of always making pink of almost the same shades...I get it, they are a pro in making fantastic pink and red shades, but how about orange? hehehe!

W/ flash:
In the tube, it looks like a light orange with fine shimmers in it.

 Natural light:
but, when applied on the lips, it only gives it a nice lipgloss-y sheen that is very wearable for everyday.

- affordable only P299.00 (Next time, I will wait for it to go on sale so I could purchase it for a cheaper price.)
- I find that all shades of this line is very wearable for daytime.
- does not have any scent.
- thinner consistency than the usual lipstick
- more pigmented than the usual lipgloss.
- pigmentation is buidable, but only up to medium coverage.
- more moisturizing compared to the Colorsensational Moisture Extreme lipsticks.
- surprisingly brightens up my sallow skin, making it more alive.

- color wears off easily, up to 2 hours max w/o eating or drinking, so you have to re-apply through out the day which I don't mind doing.

Am I going to purchase more?
 yep! but only when they are on sale so I could buy it at a cheaper price.


  1. what I love about this product is that you can find it easily, watson's hello! I wish other brands were just as easy to look for!

  2. weeee...what a lovely color! thanks2 so much for sharing this one~ I have maybelline watershine gloss and it's great too~ I love this tone, gonna search for it ^_^