Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick Review: Skinfood Smoky Crayon in #3

I know, I haven't been reviewing products that I've hauled way back. You could tell I'm lazy with these kinds of things hahaha! I think I should continue doing reviews of my past purchases a little at a time so that  my "to do review list" won't pile up anymore. 

I just want to do a quick review of this Skinfood Smokey Crayon that I bought online from kkochipida in multiply last year.

Skinfood Smokey Crayon #3 (Brown)

I remember that this color wasn't my original purchase because I clearly stated that I want the navy blue one, but oh well, this color was accidentally delivered to me. I really don't want the hassle of exchanging it with the navy blue one and since I only bought this out of curiosity, I was ok with it. 

- quite pigmented in just one swipe.
- creamy and glides on easily.
- can be smudged easily, hence the name "smokey crayon"
- I had no bad reactions from it (thankfully)
- quite affordable (bought it from kkochipida for P215)
- nice, cute packaging and not cheap looking.
- If you're looking for an eyeliner that does not smudge, this is not for you. This eyeliner was not called "Creamy SMOKEY Crayon" for nothing.

Natural light:

 W/ flash:

- I recommend this to be applied SPARINGLY. Apply this eyeliner a little at a time then smudge it before you put another layer to build the desired "smokiness" that you want. Set it with a powder eyeshadow of the same color if you want.

I like using this on its own especially when I'm in a hurry and I just want a bit of definition on my eyes and...let's say a bit of a grungy look (but in a good way) that's says "I don't care what you think casual look"...hahahaha! I know I'm not the person to look for when it comes to describing things because I tend to be a bit morbid, but that's me! (^_^)

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