Thursday, January 20, 2011

Short Review/Swatch: Orly in Snowcone

This product belongs to one of my past hauls last year...
Yep! this is really really late because this nailpolish has been featured and swatched by many beauty bloggers that I'm just posting this for the sake of my inventory hehehe!

I have a "short-term memory" with products that work and don't work for me..hehehe! I know I'm weird and I'm easily hypnotized by cute packaging, but as we all know...cute packaging doesn't equals quality product.

Anyway, I'm off topic again so let's start the short review...

Orly nailpolish in "Snowcone"

Natural light:

- lasts for about 5 days which is not bad.
- true to the color in the bottle.
- doesn't have a strong chemical smell (I don't get asthma attacks after using this unlike other cheap brands the I bought which I will mention next time)

- not locally available and if it already is (I saw an Orly stall just last year in SM), it's hard to find.
- expensive (I ordered this online from digitaltraincase for P350 at that time, now all her nailpolishes are P400 and limited edition nailpolishes are P500...woah!)
- quite streaky on first application.

w/ flash:

 Nail swatch:
I did 3 coats on this, but I think you can get this with just 2 coats if you're a pro at applying nailpolishes.

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