Friday, February 26, 2010

Will be MIA for a while...Will be Busy Annoying Madame Butterfly until the Final Battle

 I need to do this for a while because I need to focus on the last part my thesis first.

I'm currently already almost finished (Thank God) with my thesis before going to my final battle (thesis defense) hahaha!

I'm also running out of time because vacant slots for thesis defense is already almost full. I have to hurry or would never finish this on time.

I'm very thankful to my professors/advisers for being so considerate all through out my thesis performance. If ya'll get the chance to read this, I love ya all! I'll never forget my mentors. (^_^)

I hope I could also give my remaining requirements for graduation to the power-tripping, bossy, bitchy office secretary (who never fails to embarrass students and is hated by her co-office workers) so she would shut the F up.

I don't mind that she reminds me everyday that I still have requirements to pass for my graduation, but the way she commands and talks to people is the problem! She is so f*ck*ng rude that I can't help, but raise my tone a bit when talking to her especially when my patience is wearing thin. I'm a busy person too ya know!

I wish one day (if that's even possible) she would learn to respect and treat others well.

Being older than me doesn't mean you have the right to abuse your seniority to command respect from me. Just because you're older doesn't mean we have no right to treat you the way you treat us. Respect should be earned, not forced.

If you don't know how to do that, then that's fine with me. I'm going to continue to give you a taste of your own medicine..with your low tolerance to rebellious students, I think I'm going to enjoy my last few weeks in college...hahaha!

If you want respect from me, then respect me too. Plain and simple.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review/Swatches: Avon Ultra Moisture Sheer Lipsticks

 Just a quick review on Avon Ultra Moisture Sheer Lipsticks that I bought on my last haul. I've already collected almost all of the sheer lipsticks so I think it's about time to collectively review and swatch 'em all.

My Sheer Lipstick Army
From left to right: sheer nectar, sheer mauve, sheer nude, sheer red, sheer spice, sheer plum

*You can tell that the sheer nectar is my complements my skintone perfectly, great for everyday wear and matches almost everything!

Comment on all of them:

- creamy and glides on smoothly
- has a nice faint smell
- buildable colors
- affordable (I bought this 'cause it was on sale for P235...this ultra moisture sheer lipsticks seldom go on sale ya know!)
- moisturizes my lips really well (I'm lazy applying a lip balm)
- staying power is quite good especially the sheer red, sheer plum and sheer spice.

- the sheer red, sheer spice and sheer plum is not that SHEER when applied which could be a problem to those people who bought it for its sheer finish (not a problem w/ me though)...I know I've said SHEER to many times.
- none!

Before the swatches (my bare lips w/o lip balm on):
On with the swatches!

Natural light:

 sheer nectar

sheer mauve

 sheer nude

 sheer red

sheer spice

sheer plum
W/ flash:
sheer nectar

sheer nude
sheer mauve
sheer red

sheer spice

sheer plum
That's it for my current sheer collection (^_^)

Have a nice day!

Review/Rant: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish in AGRO1

This is the 3rd Missha Nail Polish that I bought with the other 2 last December and this is the only time that I got the will to review this because I was so disappointed with this particular nail polish from the price up to the formulation. You can say that I'm pissed off..

Product: Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish in AGR01


As you can see, the color is a very beautiful true gold. It actually reminds me of the gold paint that is used to re-paint faded chinese characters on tombstones in Chinese cemeteries. Odd, but I actually like the color.

The problem is, the nail polish formula is not smooth, but goopy and very sticky and making this particular polish a MATTE finish is a total FAIL! It's very hard to work with. One coat is already a nightmare! Look:

First application:

First application is very uneven! I already knew that the 2nd application would be ugly.

Second Application:

I was already frustrated with the formula! To think that this particular nail polish is brand new! I would understand if the nail polish is already old and used many times, but NO! this was the first time I opened this s...!

What made me more frustrated is because this nail polish line (Crystal nail polish) is the most expensive of all their polish lines! (I bought this for P220!!!!!) I wasted my money on this...

However! I will not generalize the formulation of other colors of nail polish in this line because I haven't tried it...yet! Yes! I will be fair for this line to prove that their that all of their formulation is not made of crap.

After 3-4 application, I was left with this beautiful MATTE, but very metallic almost foil-like color. Here it is!

The DOWN SIDE: because you have to apply a very,very thick polish several times just to get an even color as possible, you will see air bubbles on the nail polish when it dries. Look:

So whatever you do, the result would still be crap.

To prove that the formulation is a MAJOR FAIL:

very, very thick and goopy.

very, sticky-looking polish
looks glue-like

The only thing that I can appreciate with this polish is the unique paddle-like brush that is very handy to use especially for beginners. (If the formulation was good) and the unique trademark heart-shaped packaging.
Here's the pics showing you the brush:
flat side

side view

bottom of the nail polish bottle

the top of the bottle where you can see the white cap

- unique packaging
- unique brush
- wide variety of unique colors
- does not have a very strong smell

- formulation is CRAP
- very expensive (P220) and not worth the money (at least for this particular nail polish)
- hard to apply
- dries so quickly it's not helpful anymore
- oddly, creates gas bubbles because of the thick consistency of the polish

Here is the pics of the nail polish in the bottle:

Natural Light:

W/ Flash:
On nails:
Natural light: (w/o top coat on) MATTE finish

W/ flash:
Hope this helps!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review/Swatch: NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal

Hey! I haven't updated my blog in a while because I'm so buzzzy this week...I'm also kinda depressed this past few days so I really have no will to do anything when I'm depressed, even fun things like blogging.

Putting depressing matters aside, I bought my first NYX cream blush. I bought it at the same time I bought my first NYX lipsticks...I know I have many reviews to make and I'm way behind my schedule with things I should've reviewed a long time ago.

NYX Cream Blush in ROSE PETAL

Natural light:

My original plan was to buy NYX cream blush in "NATURAL", but my seller accidentally made a mistake and gave me the "ROSE PETAL" one. It's ok with me (^_^) no hard feelings because I collect things...hahahah! and she said that they almost look the same so I'm not really missing anything major...but I will still get that "NATURAL" one because I'm always curious! hahaha!

w/ Flash:

- very creamy!
- very pigmented! a little goes a long way!
- pigmentation is still good even after a long day in a very very hot weather like here in the Philippines! I'm amazed that most of the blush did not wear off even if I sweat like a pig...literally...I sweat a lot as early as 10 am in the morning because of our very very hot weather.
- the blush is quite big! I'm surprised! it would take me a very long time to finish this.

- not readily available here in the Phil., but I ordered online from digitaltraincase. No hassle, fast and efficient ordering from her and I like that! Don't worry I'm going to order more! She gives the lowest prices of NYX products, so far, here in the Phil.
- a bit expensive (P360) than the price offered in the US, but hey! I'm not in the US!

Here are the swatches:

in natural light:

the unblended (left) and blended side (right). I made the blended side darker to make it more visible for ya. Giving you the idea of what to expect with the pigmentation when applied on the skin.

w/ flash:

I'm not really the blush type of girl (I only own 2 blushes -- one is from a local brand here in the philippines and the 2nd one is this). I'm more of a lipstick, lipgloss, and nailpolish girl, but having this would make me want to try more blushes next time! (^_^)

have a nice day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Etude House Haul.......Yep.....

Yep! I know...I know, I said last time that I should not spend again for the rest of the month because I've already had 2 consecutive hauls last week, BUT! this hauls will also be counted as an extension of my 2nd etude haul. WHY?!

Because I reserved a duo fiber brush last time I went there, so I had to go back yesterday to pick it up. I took the opportunity to buy some products again because the saleslady recognized me and said that I should get their free bb cream sample if my purchase will sum up to P1000........I thought sure...because I don't want another plastic! I gave in and bought 2 more of their peach water glosses that I said last time, I will purchase the next time I visit there...I', quite disappointed w/ the color payoff of the 2 glosses that I've bought..I wish I just bought the strawberry milk one....oh well, next time! hahahaha!

I also bought their lip and eye makeup remover which according to reviews is quite good and super inexpensive...I'm already looking for an alternative to my Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover because it's very expensive...I've already done an experiement to compare the 2...for me, nothing can compare to my Lancome Bi-facil (my HG eye makeup remover), but I have to stay within what I can really afford....I'm going to miss my HG eye makeup remover when I finish this...  o(-_-)o

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Etude and Avon Hauls

Had a wallet bashing this week, so I should not be purchasing anything for the rest of the month...I hope...

First of is my avon haul! I've been collecting their lipsticks for quite a while now because they always have lipsticks (from some of their introductory lines and mainstay) on sale. I find that they have good quality lipstick at reasonable prices. (^_^)

This month, I bought their Ultra Moisture Rich Sheer Lipticks (fyi: P209 each)..I didn't buy them all because I have to stay within my budget..hahaha! I also tried their upcoming lipstick line which are like their longwear lipsticks because the prices are really really cheap..I've discovered that their introductory prices of any of their products are really cheap...I thought it was a coincidence at first...(-_-") For every purchase of even a single longwear lipstick (which I believe is only P209) also comes with a cute pouch and the super shock mascara for only P90....not bad!

Here it is:
I also went with my husband to Megamall yesterday 'cause he needed an ink refill. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, but I still took the chance to buy Etude products because we only seldom go to Megamall...I was planning to buy more of their Peach Water glosses, but decided to wait for next time because I was tempted to buy nail polishes....again.....but I did buy their eyeliner which, acc. to what I've read from reviews, is of good quality. We'll see about that...

Here it is:

Until now, I'm wondering what is the top coat and what is the base coat between the 2 transparent polishes you see here? (the light pink one and the colorless one)...If any of you know which is which, just comment below..thanks! (^_^)
Along with my purchase, they gave me this plastic folder with a korean celebrity on it... I know he starred in Boys Over Flower, but I don't care..I still wish they gave me the free eyelash curler instead of this...My husband was laughing and making fun my freebie again...hahahaha!

This is my 2nd time to be given a folder w/ this guy on it. First, was a pink one which by the way I hate pink so double hate on that folder which I currently use as a placemat for dirt hahahahaha! Then this baby blue one..I'M NOT A FAN OF HIS.....Yes, obsessed die-hard fans! hate all you want about what I've written, I don't care! I'll be gloating my ass off! hahahahahahahahahaha!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll Resume Blogging Tomorrow. Not Today.

Yes! I'm telling that to myself a while ago.

I'm just here to check emails and stuff. I won't be reviewing products today even if I want to.

I have an exam tomorrow so I won't allow myself to be lazy again like last night.

But tomorrow after my exam, fun will resume again! hahaha!

I've done major wallet damage this week, but I'm excited to tell ya about my wallet damage adventures! hahaha!

Not really an adventure. I just bought things from Avon and some purchase from Etude House again!

After quite a while I get to visit Megamall again just because my husband needed an ink refill for his printer so I took the chance to go with him to buy goodies from Etude even if I'm not feeling well today...I just wish it wasn't out of the way from my house so it wouldn't be hard to go there...

OK! I'll start reviewing for my exam tomorrow...Wish me luck...

I Love Your Blog Award!

I've been awarded for the second time! This time by Meowcake. Thanks you very much! I didn't know somebody like my blog..(^_^)


Post award on your blog.

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Pass the award to 15 other blogs you've discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers you've nominated.

The winners:

1. Girl With Glasses
2. Poorita Pashionistah
3.  The Nail Polish Ninja
4. Politely Pink!
5. Moment of Soliloquy
6. lollipop26writes (I hope she'll duscover this someday)
7. skinheaven
8. Meowcake (^_^)
9. Victoria India

That's pretty much the blogs I follow most of the time. (^_^)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swatches/Review: NYX Lipsticks

My first NYX lipsticks! I think I hit the jackpot on these colors!

I love them all! I'm going to buy more in the future!

My first batch of NYX lipsticks are:

**Fig - my perfect pink lipstick! I can't imagine color PINK would look good on me w/o me looking like barbie! This color brighten up my face!
**Frappucino - One of my perfect nude lipsticks!
**Mars - Another one of my perfect nude lipsticks!
**B52 - Great for everyday wear!

Before I show the swatches on my lips, here's an idea of what my bare lips looks like (not moisturized):

Natural light:
w/ flash:

Swatches on Lips:

Natural light:

also looks great w/ clear gloss on!

it is also buildable!


also buildable!


also buildable!!

w/ flash:

looks great w/ clear gloss!


another pic! love this lipstick!



Here's an extra!!! Me Wearing NYX round lipstick in FIG

hope this helps! Enjoy! (^_^)