Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review: Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polis in GL01

Yes people, another Missha nail polish review and this time, This nail polish is from their "Lucid nail polish line".

I ordered this nailpolish w/ 2 others (GR002 w/c I already did a review on and the AGR01 w/c I will be giving a review on in the near future) from an online seller.

Each of the nail polishes I bought has different prices. I'll just give an outline of the ff:

The Style Nail Polish (GR002) = P75 (acc. to my seller, this is Missha's basic nail polish line)
The Style Lucid Nail Polish (GL01) = P120
The Style Crystal Nail Polish (AGR01) = P220 (this is Missha's most expensive nail polish line)

As you can see, I bought one from each nail polish line out of curiosity. I was wondering what would be the difference of each nail polish line to give them different price range? (from bit expensive to ridiculously expensive..hahaha!)

To give you a heads up about my opinion about the 3 nailpolishes, THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME. UNFORTUNATELY, THE MOST EXPENSIVE NAIL POLISH WAS THE MOST DISAPPOINTING NAIL POLISH I'VE EVER BOUGHT IN MY LIFE..piece of sh**..if you ask me, so you could skip this (AGR01) sh** or try at your own risk.

Anyway, on with the review.

Review: Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish in GL01

W/ flash:

On natural light:


This particular nail polish is very, very sheer. This is only good for designing a boring nail color...give it more "bling" (^_^)

- has a unique paddle shape brush which is surprisingly great to use for easier nail polish application w/c is great for amateurs like me. haha! I wish all nail polishes will have this kind of brush. Here's a pic (from all sides!):
- dries quite fast.
- doesn't have a very strong nail polish smell.
- has very fine glitters..I don't like chunky ones.
- comes in a cute, unique heart shape bottle. Here's a pic:
- it's dupable. Here's the dupe:
You could also find dupes like this from The Face Shop or Elianto nail polishes..just check.

- expensive
- very sheer. You can coat for the nth time and it will still be sheer.

Here's a pic of the first coat:

Natural light:
Second coat:
Third Coat:
forever sheer.....
Fourth coat:

Natural light:
W/ Flash:

Hope this helps!

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