Friday, July 15, 2011

Update: Tony Moly Grand Opening in SM North Edsa today + movie and online shopping

Yep! the long wait is over. Tony Moly opened another flagship store in SM North Edsa (Main Bldg.) today July 15. Same date as Mr. Panda's birthday! Happy Birthday!!! It's kinda coincidental that when Tony Moly opened a stall in SM North Edsa Dept. store, they opened at the same date as my birthday April 29...wierd! hahahaha!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to SM today, but I'll drop by tomorrow after watching Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry Potter, it's sad that the Harry Potter series is already at it's end. Oh well...

Before I forgot, Tony Moly in SM North will be giving away freebies for people who purchase their products today only, July 15. I don't think I'll be hoarding buying many things from Tony Moly AS OF NOW because I've been busy online shopping.

Why have I been online shopping? I've found out that in Korea, they're having sales this month from brands like Lioele (already ordered some), Nature Republic (already ordered last month), Missha (big sale I tell ya!), and Holika Holika. It's like the ultimate combo for makeup and skincare addicts like me. As result, I'm currently broke...well, not really, just out of the budget...hihihi!

As expected, more things to review will pile up and I will only get to start blogging almost regularly starting next month.

If you're wondering where I usually shop online, then I'll just post a link in my blog sidebar. All of the online shops that I will post here are my trusted online sellers.

'Till next time!