Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Lip Care Cream in Shea Butter

 After all the lip balm/treatments that I've tried (and some of it, I haven't thought about making a review), this Lip Care Cream by The Face Shop is the best lip balm, so far, that I've ever used!

This is a life saver for me. Everytime I have dry, chapped and flaking lips, I would always reach for this. A thing I don't usually do to other lip products.

One of the reasons why I took a break at lip swatches of my lipstick collection is because I really had a bad case of dry lips that it tends to flake especially at the outline of my lower lip and it really looked very ugly. I also noticed that since my lips were very dry, the lines on my lips increased...really horrible.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take a picture of my very dry, chapped lips before using the TFS lip care cream because, honestly, I wasn't expecting anything amazing or special about this lip treatment. What I only desperately needed and wanted was something good enough to moisturize my lips...

I only got the chance to take a picture of my ugly lips on the 1st month of using TFS lip care cream...
for me it was a big improvement, though my lips were still flaking a bit. I'm always anemic so there's nothing new about my sickly pale, gray lips.

...and yes, even EOS lip balm, Chapstick (haven't reviewed) and Burt's Bees lip balm (haven't reviewed this yet) couldn't remedy that problem. I'm not saying that EOS, Chapstick and Burt's Bees lip balms weren't good, it worked just average to me and it really did not give me what I needed.

This underrated, unpopular lip care cream really surprised me. It performed with flying colors!!!

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Lip Care Cream in Shea Butter
with my cute mascot.

Place bought:
The Face Shop (Sm North Edsa)

Current Price:
P265 (very affordable especially for the amount that you're getting in one tube = 13ml)

I chose the number two which is Shea Butter. Number 1 is their Vitamin C variant which I also bought as a backup because I love it so much.

I not totally convinced if this thing really is straight up Shea Butter in a tube, but it looks like the color of shea butter while the Vitamin C variant looks like a clear light orange cream.

I don't know the real smell of a true shea butter, all I can describe is that this smells like caramel candy. Doesn't really bother me, since the smell isn't overpowering and it only lasts for a few sec. to a min. Best of all, I can't taste the scent of the product like some other lip products out there that smells so strong, you can taste the scent of it. It can really make me gag after a few mins.

I haven't opened my Vitamin C one, but I smelled the tester in the store and it smells like an orange fruit candy. very sweet smelling, but again, I prefer products that I put on my skin to be scentless/fragrance free 'cause I have really sensitive skin.

the tube has a slanted tip that is great in dispensing and spreading the product on my lips.

when applied (thick or thin), it goes on colorless which is great for me because I use this more often at night since it doesn't have any spf.

not sticky and feels like a light moisturizing liquid balm. It also feels very smooth on the lips.

sometimes I put on more than enough to soak my lips with the lip care cream then I massage it in after a few mins. to remove the flakes and other dead skin cells. It really gives me a "very smooth feeling" lips. It's like my very gentle lip exfoliator minus the abrasive particles. Works really well for me.

There is only one CON for this product:
it's the packaging.
After using this religiously every night for 7 months, the packaging seems to have "cracked" on the side. I've seen a review also complaining about this. This may happen to you too especially if you're like me who likes to squeeze the tube from the bottom-up like a toothpaste.
Oh well, it's quite annoying sometimes, but I'm almost finished with this anyway. I'll even cut this and scoop out the remaining product inside then transfer it to another container because for me, it's really THAT GOOD.

After months of consistently using The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Lip Care Cream
There's a big improvement on my lips compared to the previous picture above.
Sorry for the wet hair. hehehe!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swatches: NYX Powder Blushes (Part 2) (Cinnamon, Pinky and Red)

Got another set of NYX blushes when there was a cosmetic bazaar/exhibit going on last September.

I went straight to Digitaltraincase's booth to check out NYX items first hand, for the first time. It was also my first time to see Sol (the owner of the shop) personally, though I did not introduce myself anymore because I'm a wimp hahaha! and she and her BF? is kinda busy at that time too.

 I was originally planning on purchasing the NYX lip creams, but at that time, most of the colors I would purchase were out of stock. I just got 3 powder blushes since I haven't hauled any NYX products for a while now.

All images are "clickable" to enlarge

Place bought:
Cosmetics Exhibit/Bazaar in SM Megamall

How much:
P300 each

I'll just post swatches of the blushes since we all know that NYX powder blushes are really of good quality for the affordable price.

All pictures were taken under Natural Lighting:


A very bright orange. I love this.

A very bright pink.

of course, a very bright red. This blush is a "true red" color.

Desert Rose is more of a "berry red" color
Mocha is more of a "brick red" color.


as you can see, Cinnamon looks great on tanned skin. Used the top part of my arm, the one usually more exposed to the sun as an example.

will look natural on fair skin. Used the part of my arm not usually exposed to the sun.

I think this will look great on any skin color, depending on how you apply this.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Migamsu Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Cream

Another review about cleansing creams...woot! woot!!

2 consecutive reviews about cleansing creams...I guess, I'm catching up.

I really have to catch up since I already have finished up this cleansing cream from The Face Shop 3 months ago!!! hahaha! Yes, I'm currently using the Ponds cleansing cream already. (^_^)v

I bought this during the last months of last year. I remember using this for approximately 6-8 months. It's hard using up a huge tub of cleansing cream ya know! but I'm a trooper and finished it all up anyway.

The Face Shop Migamsu Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Cream
This was in one of my wishlist ever since I became a fan of Asian cosmetics and skincare. I remember wanting this because my younger brother gave me a sample of their Brightening Rice Water Facial Cleanser which I also fell in love with, but I'm a bit scared to try because my skin reacts quickly with soap based cleansers nowadays. ooh! but I would still love to try that! haha!

Again, this comes in a huge tub.

Place bought:
SM North Edsa

P455.00 still a bit expensive for me, but the amount you get makes up for it.

Ingredients and description of the product: (you can click to enlarge)

as you can see, the tub is really huge (in diameter). Another thing that draws me to this is the packaging. Yeah! I'm a sucker for that too. It's simple, but it's clean and elegant looking. Of course, anything related to rice, tea and other herbal-ly things really draws my attention.
side view

bottom view

open it up and you can see a thin plastic lid that is helpful in keeping the contents from spilling everywhere and making a mess.

- like a light lotion. not too runny, but not too creamy either.

- love it. it's does not necessarily have a "rice" scent. I has a very mild powdery scent that is not overpowering while you massage it on your face.

- can be bought in The Face Shop stores.
- does not sting my skin.
- removes makeup quite well. This is at par with my Skinfood cleansing cream. You have to massage the product for at least a minute to emulsify it. You'll know that your makeup has been "melted" off when the product feel slippery on your face.

- quite expensive
- stings my eyes, not recommended to remove eye makeup.

- Comparing the cleansing ability and the cleansing time, Pond's cold cream still beats all of my other cleansing creams.

Cleansing Time:
Ponds = a few seconds
The Face Ship Migamsu = at least a minute

Cleansing ability:
Ponds = removes everything in one go.
The Face Shop = sometimes, I have to go over for the second time just to be sure that I removed my makeup completely. (in cases where I use too much makeup...hahaha!)

Review: Pond's Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Surprise! surprise! I'm using a product from Pond's?!?! I'm even surprised myself...

I'm not really a fan of Pond's products. It's not that their products are not of good quality. It's just that their products doesn't work on sensitive skin like mine.

I already had 3 mishaps with their products in the past. I guess I got fed up even trying their new ones.

First mishap: Used a Pond's toner (pink one) and it stung mah face like a son of a B!

Second mishap: Used a Pond's toner (yellow one) and mah face went berserk. My face literally immediately broke into's like I was having measles. It freaked me out. I have to use some anti-histamines just to calm my allergy.

Third mishap: Used their Facial wash (the "carbon"/black one). After washing my face with that, my face went itchy and red.

So yeah, I got fed up...

But why, oh why, am I so stubborn to try another Pond's product again!?!?!

First, I thought that maybe the local Pond's product (manufactured in a neighboring Asian country) do not work for me (FYI, almost all products that is locally available in the Phils. is manufactured in other Asian countries. Maybe because it's cheaper to mass manufacture in those countries? I don't know)...Maybe the imported ones (made in Canada or US) have different formulation...

Second, I'm just stubborn that way.

What is my verdict with this "cold cream"?

Pond's Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover
This is not the "cold cream" that is usually available in our local supermarket or Watsons. I was right when I guessed that the Pond's products that are available here have different formulations than the ones imported from the US or Canada...the question is why??!?! This formulation is actually hard to find. You can usually purchase this Pond's cold cream (Made in US) from supermarkets that caters more on imported products like S&R, Cash and Carry, etc.

Place I bought this:

Current Price: short, it's worth P500. Yep, surprisingly expensive. But I guess, the actual amount that you get  is worth it for the price. Since this is a HUGE tub.

They actually have two variants of this cold cream. I think the other one is their "classic cold cream", but I bought the cucumber one since this smells better (and mild) for me than the "classic one".

for people who loves to freak out when they see something like Mineral Oil, Parabens, etc. this is not for you...but seriously, until now, I still don't get why people get scared of this "demonized" ingredients...Do they really understand the chemistry behind these ingredients that they are scared about? "what you don't fully understand is not necessarily bad for you. You just don't understand it. Period."

Simple packaging. Like the simplicity of the packaging.

The actual product. I've been using this for 3 months already and I still haven't gone through half of it!

Formulation Comparison (Local and Imported):
The cold cream that I have feels more like a light lotion compared to the ponds cold creams that are available locally (my mother owns the local version of the Ponds cold cream) which have a creamier consistency. It also has a "fresher", milder scent compared to the local cold cream that has an overpowering perfumey scent.

- This cold cream does an amazing job in melting away makeup. It actually surpassed the performance of my other cold cream that I have used in the past including my favorite which is the Skinfood Cleansing cream that I reviewed in the past.
- melts away my makeup in just seconds. I don't have to massage for a long time just to feel it working.
- it doesn't sting my face.
- I love the mild, fresh scent. I believe that other people with sensitive skin can use this sparingly.
- comes in a HUGE tub = great amount of product.

- not readily available anywhere. Quite hard to find.
- a bit expensive for a drugstore brand, but the amount you get makes up for the price anyway.
- It also melts off eye makeup even waterproof ones, but I don't recommend using it to take off eye makeup because it will sting the heck out of your eyes.

Will I repurchase?
- Yes, I will, but I'd like to try other cleansing creams in the market first before I go back to this. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Nature Republic Purchases + I Lost My Receipt Today and Beware of Thieves even If You're Inside the Mall

I am a bit pissed of right now.

I bought many stuffs from Nature Republic today because I can't wait for the weekend to visit.

All was ok until My. Panda and I were having our snacks.

I saw the receipt that was stapled to the paperbag of my purchases GONE.

Then I remembered when I was in the crowded entrance of the mall for bag checkup, the lady behind me was very close to me. I don't know if she's pushing me around since I'm taller than her.

but the fact is, I don't like strangers being physically close to me because I'm already traumatized by what happened to me last 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, I was irritated and puzzled at why she grazed her hand twice at my back so I arrange all my things in front of me just to be sure and gave her THE EVIL LOOK.

After that I saw my paperbag open. Luckily, not one of my purchases got stolen.

Unfortunately, the receipt that was stapled to the paperbag was gone. I couldn't find it anymore.

I wouldn't really mind if the receipt got lost, but I need it for review purposes.

How am I suppose to inform my readers about the price of the product I'm reviewing if it's already lost?

So if ever I'll be reviewing Nature Republic products next time, I won't be able to tell you the exact price of each product. Just the approximate.

and a piece of advice:


Anyway, here is my haul. I can't state the exact price of these anymore since I already lost the receipt just a few mins. after I purchased these. (I won't be going back to the store anytime soon to check on the prices)

my purchases are on the right side of my box cartoon character and the freebies that were given to me is on his left side.

The saleslady also gave me their 10% discount card. (I forgot to take a picture of it) It also serves as sort of my membership card because I've accumulated P1000 worth of products in a single transaction. So everytime I but something from Nature Republic, I already have 10% discount out of my orders. Nice idea to boost sales...hihihihihi!

Good thing I never got the mini standee of their male model who represent this brand. I would only use that for target shooting...I mean, why would I want a cardboard action figure? Funny thing was, I heard the Chinese customers behind me at the counter debating and maybe mocking a bit (in chinese)...they wondered if the model was a girl/gay because he looks like a girl...unfortunately, I understood their language...poor guy, tsk tsk tsk. 

Feminine looking guys are a "norm" in some Asian countries nowadays since the "anorexic look" became popular, if they haven't noticed that by now. Honestly, those guys are not my cup of tea, but as they say, "different strokes for different folks."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nature Republic Store Here in the Philippines Already?!!! and Things You Need to Know Before Going There

I did not know until I visited SM The Block (SM North Edsa) today!!! I go there almost every week, by the way.

I was just roaming around the mall with my family after doing some groceries and viola! I looked up from the main floor and saw a NATURE REPUBLIC FLAGSHIP STORE at LEVEL 4 of SM THE BLOCK just across WADE STORE.


So I literally dragged Mr. Panda up the escalator to the Nature Republic Store...It seems like they just opened their store this month because they are still having some promo or something. I was not planning to buy anything so I did not purchase FOR NOW. I just looked around and I'm very happy to tell ya'll that their price range is just the same as Etude House.

I remember seeing some of the SKINCARE line that are priced approximately for less than P500!! Of course the other premium products they have are priced a bit higher than that.

And because I'm a lip product fiend, I'm more interested in their lip products and saw the Petite Rouge for only approximately P250!!!

I also love their packaging!!!

Their most affordable nailpolishes are priced at P65!!! The packaging looks like a Paul&Joe dupe...clean looking, elegant and feminine, but not over the top.

BUT!!!! I'll give you some heads up about what I've observed in the store:

------ Since the store is still new, some of the sales ladies are still not that well informed about their products, so if you're going to buy something, research it from the internet. Less hassle and no awkward moments with the new SA. Let's give the SA's a chance to get to know their products more.

I asked a SA awhile ago about one of their lip and cheek products because I happen to find the lack of variety in colors. (I already own almost all of their lip and cheek products, so I know!!!)

 I asked her if there is only one color available for the lip and cheek product that I'm interested in and she said, "yes!". I asked again, "When will the other colors be available?" Then she looked at me, puzzled at my question, and said there is no other color except the one on the shelves and she did not know there are still other varieties available for that product. Then I slipped and told her, "I already have almost all the colors of that product, so I know.".............then, I did not know who was more embarrassed. Her, for not knowing or me for being very UNCONSCIOUSLY straightforward.

To the SA who accompanied me today, I'm so sorry. I did not mean to sound rude. I promise to make it up to you next time I visit. I already know what to purchase so you won't have a hard time convincing me. v(^_^)v

I'm proud to say that I've never been rude to salesladies eventhough I'm cranky or the SA is a bit rude. So I'm sorry about what I said.

------Expect to be followed around by the SA. They will talk nonstop and encourage you to buy some of their products. Have patience and turn down a suggestion nicely. Eventhough you're starting get a bit annoyed.

------Not all products will be available to us here in the NR Philippine stores acc. to the SA. So if you want something and can't find it here, just purchase from our trusted, friendly online stores.

------Last, but not the least, enjoy browsing!!!!

***I know this is off topic but, I also passed by The Etude House store awhile ago, the lady guard already know my face so she smiled at me and I smiled back and waved at her. That really made my day because they really make a genuine connection with their customers! (^_^) I feel really at home in that Etude House branch...really ironic since I don't like pink...hahahahahahaha!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: TokiDoki Robbery Palette (Super Pic Heavy)

Before I start, I would like to let ya'll know that I'm sorry if the picture quality you will about to see is not something that is HD worthy, but I tried my best to take the best picture that I can using my point and shoot camera.

The lighting is also inconsistent on most pictures because I only used natural lighting this time. I also took a lot of pictures of the packaging of this palette because I really appreciate the effort and the design that was put into this product and of course, the good quality eyeshadows, blushes and bronzer that is in it.

This palette is not new in the market anymore and I don't know if they still have this in Sephora.

All pictures are "clickable" to enlarge.

Tokidoki Robbery Palette
front view

back view

There 3 mini travel size palettes that is inside this tin can packaging.
 Royal Pride - which I consider as the neutral palette out of the 3.

Arlecchino - the "avant garde" palette which consists of bold colors that I don't usually use, but I'd like to try once in a while.

Rapina - the smokey eye palette

I appreciate the fact that they really gave so much effort in stating the ingredients of each eyeshadow, bronzer, and blushes...The designer is really keen to details...very OC...hihihihi!

 Even the plastic container that enclose the tin can palette was also designed with kawaii characters.
front view

give you A+++ for the design.
back view

With the plastic casing removed, here is the actual tin can packaging.

On top of the tin can is a magnetic (I don't know how to call it) "trinket"? Part of the design?

I could put this on my refrigerator to post notes and what not.

The magnetic "something" is removed. Here's what it looks like.

 even the sides of the tin can has a design to it.
front view (where the opening is.)

back view

 Opening the tin can casing...
Viola! explosion of characters without the overkill.

the mirror.

the 3 travel size palettes...

removing the palettes...

surprise! more design...I like how they place the characters...consistent with the concept.

Since I don't know who the heck they are, I'll just name them acc. to the palette that are place on them. If ever you know their names, feel free to comment below.
Royal Pride



Whew!!! Time for the swatches of the actual product. I didn't know, looking at every details of the packaging is quite tiring. hehe!

The Royal Pride Palette
 front view
back view

open it up and you'll see the eyeshadows and the bronzer and of course, the character on the top flap of the palette. 

Love the names of the eyeshadows and bronzer

3 of the eyeshadows here (Lion Pappa, Savana, and Ercolino) are shimmery and the Bulletto is a satin finish.

The bronzer

only did 1 swipe for each eyeshadow. All are very pigmented and has a smooth, velvety texture/feel to it. Yep! love it!

swatched with no primer.

the bronzer has a satin finish to it. I don't know if many people would like to use this as a contour shade because it is not entirely matte. 

I would describe this as a peachy, nude shade with golden undertones to it.

I think I could use this as a blush since it will fit well on my skintone. It is also not that pigmented which I actually like because it looks natural on me when blended out on my skin.

The Arlecchino Palette
front view

back view

forget the eyeshadows and blush and just look at the character on top. hahaha!

Honestly, out of the 3 palettes, the Arlecchino is my least favorite. These eyeshadows are a disappointment to me. They should be bold, vibrant colors, but when swatched, they look a bit dull to look at.

The blush, however, is my favorite out of the 3 palettes. This could be a dupe for NARS Orgasm, but this applies with a few to no glitters at all. I hate glitters because they look tacky to me.

(left-right: Soya, Candy cane, Ninja dog, Meteo)

As you can see, Soya and Meteo has a satin finish to it, Candy cane has a metallic finish. Ninja dog, however, is the most disappointing eyeshadows of them all. I love the color, the feel, and even the name itself, but the pigmentation...c'mon! even drugstore eyeshadows can do better than that! It so sheer and dull looking. I guess Ninja dog is a sheer finish?!?!

close up of Momobella. I really think that this could be a dupe for the NARS Orgasm. It may look very shimmery/glittery in the pan, but it doesn't transfer upon application which is great!



It may not be as pigmented as the NARS Orgasm, but it is buidable and it looks natural when applied. I hate glitter.

The Rapina Palette
front view

back view

love the color combinations.

Liberty and LA Gun are shimmery, Bullets has a metallic finish and Adios is a matte.

While Momobella has gold shimmers to it, Polpettina has silver shimmers to it.

pigmentation and texture are awesome.

I love LA Gun (gunmetal color)

close up of Polpettina

this may look like the shimmers will transfer to the skin.

surprisingly, it doesn't.

 Another bonus is that the tin can can be used to store small things inside.
Remove the cute box case.

like so...Adios mi amigos!!!

and another storage space for little things. Fortunately, I won't remove and throw away the box since I don't want to ruin my collection.

Place bought and Price:
I bought it online when Lin Lin (getsophisticated) facebook page decided to do a sale a few months ago. The markdown prices were insane!!! If I remember I got this for approximately P1600.00 from the original price of approximately P2200. Great deal indeed!!!!! The freebies she gave me were amazing, btw... (^_^)v

General review of the product:
- Pigmentation are inconsistent with each product, but all products have a smooth, velvety texture/feel to it when I swatched it on my skin.
- price (I got it on sale)
- packaging is amazing. You can that every detail was well thought out and is consistent with the concept. It is kawaii without being tacky looking. Maybe overloaded with designs, but it is not an overkill.
- packaging can be recycled and used for other stuff.

- not yet readily available in the Philippines.
- regular price is expensive.
- again, pigmentation is not consistent. Ninja Dog, in particular, is a disappointment.