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Review: TokiDoki Robbery Palette (Super Pic Heavy)

Before I start, I would like to let ya'll know that I'm sorry if the picture quality you will about to see is not something that is HD worthy, but I tried my best to take the best picture that I can using my point and shoot camera.

The lighting is also inconsistent on most pictures because I only used natural lighting this time. I also took a lot of pictures of the packaging of this palette because I really appreciate the effort and the design that was put into this product and of course, the good quality eyeshadows, blushes and bronzer that is in it.

This palette is not new in the market anymore and I don't know if they still have this in Sephora.

All pictures are "clickable" to enlarge.

Tokidoki Robbery Palette
front view

back view

There 3 mini travel size palettes that is inside this tin can packaging.
 Royal Pride - which I consider as the neutral palette out of the 3.

Arlecchino - the "avant garde" palette which consists of bold colors that I don't usually use, but I'd like to try once in a while.

Rapina - the smokey eye palette

I appreciate the fact that they really gave so much effort in stating the ingredients of each eyeshadow, bronzer, and blushes...The designer is really keen to details...very OC...hihihihi!

 Even the plastic container that enclose the tin can palette was also designed with kawaii characters.
front view

give you A+++ for the design.
back view

With the plastic casing removed, here is the actual tin can packaging.

On top of the tin can is a magnetic (I don't know how to call it) "trinket"? Part of the design?

I could put this on my refrigerator to post notes and what not.

The magnetic "something" is removed. Here's what it looks like.

 even the sides of the tin can has a design to it.
front view (where the opening is.)

back view

 Opening the tin can casing...
Viola! explosion of characters without the overkill.

the mirror.

the 3 travel size palettes...

removing the palettes...

surprise! more design...I like how they place the characters...consistent with the concept.

Since I don't know who the heck they are, I'll just name them acc. to the palette that are place on them. If ever you know their names, feel free to comment below.
Royal Pride



Whew!!! Time for the swatches of the actual product. I didn't know, looking at every details of the packaging is quite tiring. hehe!

The Royal Pride Palette
 front view
back view

open it up and you'll see the eyeshadows and the bronzer and of course, the character on the top flap of the palette. 

Love the names of the eyeshadows and bronzer

3 of the eyeshadows here (Lion Pappa, Savana, and Ercolino) are shimmery and the Bulletto is a satin finish.

The bronzer

only did 1 swipe for each eyeshadow. All are very pigmented and has a smooth, velvety texture/feel to it. Yep! love it!

swatched with no primer.

the bronzer has a satin finish to it. I don't know if many people would like to use this as a contour shade because it is not entirely matte. 

I would describe this as a peachy, nude shade with golden undertones to it.

I think I could use this as a blush since it will fit well on my skintone. It is also not that pigmented which I actually like because it looks natural on me when blended out on my skin.

The Arlecchino Palette
front view

back view

forget the eyeshadows and blush and just look at the character on top. hahaha!

Honestly, out of the 3 palettes, the Arlecchino is my least favorite. These eyeshadows are a disappointment to me. They should be bold, vibrant colors, but when swatched, they look a bit dull to look at.

The blush, however, is my favorite out of the 3 palettes. This could be a dupe for NARS Orgasm, but this applies with a few to no glitters at all. I hate glitters because they look tacky to me.

(left-right: Soya, Candy cane, Ninja dog, Meteo)

As you can see, Soya and Meteo has a satin finish to it, Candy cane has a metallic finish. Ninja dog, however, is the most disappointing eyeshadows of them all. I love the color, the feel, and even the name itself, but the pigmentation...c'mon! even drugstore eyeshadows can do better than that! It so sheer and dull looking. I guess Ninja dog is a sheer finish?!?!

close up of Momobella. I really think that this could be a dupe for the NARS Orgasm. It may look very shimmery/glittery in the pan, but it doesn't transfer upon application which is great!



It may not be as pigmented as the NARS Orgasm, but it is buidable and it looks natural when applied. I hate glitter.

The Rapina Palette
front view

back view

love the color combinations.

Liberty and LA Gun are shimmery, Bullets has a metallic finish and Adios is a matte.

While Momobella has gold shimmers to it, Polpettina has silver shimmers to it.

pigmentation and texture are awesome.

I love LA Gun (gunmetal color)

close up of Polpettina

this may look like the shimmers will transfer to the skin.

surprisingly, it doesn't.

 Another bonus is that the tin can can be used to store small things inside.
Remove the cute box case.

like so...Adios mi amigos!!!

and another storage space for little things. Fortunately, I won't remove and throw away the box since I don't want to ruin my collection.

Place bought and Price:
I bought it online when Lin Lin (getsophisticated) facebook page decided to do a sale a few months ago. The markdown prices were insane!!! If I remember I got this for approximately P1600.00 from the original price of approximately P2200. Great deal indeed!!!!! The freebies she gave me were amazing, btw... (^_^)v

General review of the product:
- Pigmentation are inconsistent with each product, but all products have a smooth, velvety texture/feel to it when I swatched it on my skin.
- price (I got it on sale)
- packaging is amazing. You can that every detail was well thought out and is consistent with the concept. It is kawaii without being tacky looking. Maybe overloaded with designs, but it is not an overkill.
- packaging can be recycled and used for other stuff.

- not yet readily available in the Philippines.
- regular price is expensive.
- again, pigmentation is not consistent. Ninja Dog, in particular, is a disappointment.

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